The Parish at Hodges Bend New Must-Try Menu

By on July 6, 2016

Hodges Bend has now firmly established itself in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a swank bar synonymous with craftsmanship and attention to detail. And it is no surprise that their food service extension, The Parish, follows in the same focus and philosophy.


Chef Ian Van Anglen is the culinary genius behind the changing menus that feature dishes that you would not necessarily expect be prepared in a food truck. The Parish’s menu changes substantially six or seven times a year depending on what’s seasonal and fresh. Chef Ian likes to keep it “rustic with a focus on key ingredients, doing as little as possible to make them stand out”. And they certainly accomplish that goal. With The Parish, their aim was for “high quality bar food”. What they’ve accomplished is high quality food, period.

A great way to get started with this new menu is to try the Giardiniera Pickled Italian Vegetables and Pork Rinds. (By the way there‘s nothing wrong with the Marinated Mozzarella, at all. I just have a thing for pickled anything and pork rinds!) Of course, their pork rinds are house made with their Ras el Hanout (a North African spice blend) which take this classic bar snack and give it a savory Moroccan dimension.


When I asked Chef Ian what his favorite dish is on the new menu, he quickly said, “You must order the ‘toast’ section. The simple, clean flavors pop.” The pimento cheese with heirloom tomatoes certainly do just that! For a drink pairing I recommend a glass of Txakoli, a Spanish white wine that you’ll be seeing more of soon.


Their attention to detail follows every dish on this menu. For example, the roasted peach dish is served with a curry vinaigrette, goat cheese, walnuts and thoughtfully garnished with crispy, fried quinoa. The range of textures and flavors present in this dish make it extraordinary.  From sweet and acidic to crunchy and soft – this is a great summertime dish for you TulsaFoodies to experience.


Does Hodges Bend have other drinks that pair well with the new menu? Yes! The Chaloupe is their “fancy gin and tonic” and features saffron gin, elderflower liqueur, tonic, bitters and CO2. There’s also the Lortondale Swizzle and Pimm’s cup. Like the menu for The Parish, Hodges Bend changes their drink menu regularly as well yet focuses on the classic cocktails.

With The Parishes new hours from 10 Am till 1 AM it won’t be hard to find time to come enjoy some of these dishes and cocktails. For me, a great afternoon would start with on of Hodges Bends “Punch Bowls”, a few friends and a steady stream of bites, toasts and small plates. Take advantage of this new menu before it changes again and definitely look forward to what comes next from Chef Ian Van Anglen.

The Parish

823 E 3rd St
Tulsa, OK

Joel Bein

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