Why No Real Dairy Queens in Tulsa?

By on July 21, 2011

Every once and a while and mainly while on road trips, I get to stop at a full service Dairy Queen store. To me, that means ice cream and burgers… the full menu. Its surprising that we only have one Dairy Queen location here in Tulsa and its a corporate looking Dairy Queen/Orange Julius shop in the Woodland Hills Mall. Not the same!

Here is what Tulsa is missing out on. If you hit the right location you will find delicious burgers and other menu items that I classify as addictive comfort food! Take for instance this chicken and gravy basket. Peppered gravy that is thick, but not too thick, Texas toast and deep fried chicken strips.  You are looking at one of Oklahoma’s favorite meals.

Even better, the burger that is built for a road warrier. This burger is a top contender among fast food burgers. Hot, fresh cooked beef that’s filled with flavor. The bacon, thick and also flavorful with cheese that you can actually taste the dairy in. Bottom line is that It was a good burger, it hit the spot, and it helped me for the long drive ahead.

So where are all the Dairy Queens in Tulsa? Is Tulsa too big for a location? Do we have to many burger joints? Or maybe Tulsa’s Dairy Queen is named Queen Braum. Whatever it is as long as I know where to get one of those burgers I’ll be ok.

Dairy Queen
1219 Main St
Woodward, OK 73801
(580) 256-2397

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