Go West Restaurant — still going strong

By on January 11, 2012

Genius chef Doug Atkinson left long ago but Go West still soldiers on. And they’re doing a great job! Some of the entrees are the same, some have been tweaked a bit, and some are new. All are in the flamboyant cowboy style which made Go West famous. The cowboy-themed decor’s the same too.

Thanks to owner Johnny Wimpy, the welcome is as warm as ever. Even warmer was the soup, a fiery (and lovely) cream of jalapeno. The bread platter is so good you’re tempted to fill up on that. I got one of the new entrees. Campfire Steak Medallions ($18).





Lovely bits of beef tenders first smoked then grilled covered with a peppery mushroom demi-glace. Lightly fried potatoes were great too, as were the beans. My friends got salads. Here’s one.


That’s a Ranch Steak Salad ($13). The dessert tray had fewer offerings than before, but they looked great. But we were too full to try any.


I think the food was better when Doug was at the helm. But there’s still some fine entrees available, and I plan to go back for more.



Here’s my review (with lots of photos) of Go West in its glory days early last year:


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