Tulsa’s 10 Must Try Sandwiches – Best of Tulsa- Gallery

By on November 3, 2015

Here is a list of 10 of Tulsa’s absolute best sandwiches that we believe every Tulsan should experience.  It’s certainly not comprehensive of every excellent, unique, delicious sandwich in Tulsa.  But, you’re missing out if there is one on this list you haven’t tried yet!

Trenchers Delicatessen
Hot Pastrami on Rye with Grain Mustard

Lone Wolf Kim Chi meltLone Wolf
Kimchi Melt (Sunday Brunch only at The Fur Shop)

lassalles roast beef
Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli
Roast Beef Po Boy
slow roasted black angus beef sliced thin & topped with homemade gravy on fresh baked French bread. Served dressed.

Krazy Olive Beef Trio
The Krazy Olive
Beef Trio
thinly sliced corned beef, roast beef and pastrami topped with melting, swiss cheese

florence park cafe
Florence Park Cafe
Roast Beef Sandwich

Cosmo Cafe
Cosmo Cafe
The Euro Beast
roast beef, avocado, roasted red peppers, cheddar, horseradish cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes & spring mix.

bramble loxstrami
The Bramble Breakfast and Bar
pastrami cured salmon, horseradish cream cheese, capers, kale salad

bluebird chimera sandwich
Chimera Cafe
Bluebird Sandwich
grilled turkey, thick cut bacon, pickled blueberry smash, brie, mayo

Antoinette Baking Co.
Grilled Cheese of the Week
house-made cheddar+gouda pimento cheese, avocado and Burn Co. BBQ bacon

philly cheese steak

Phat Philly’s
Phat Philly’s Cheesesteak
steak, grilled onions, bell peppers & cheese



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