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By on November 14, 2016


There is an old saying in poker, “The cards break even, but the chips don’t.” It’s much the same in the culinary world. Any two fine dining restaurants can start with very similar ingredients, and even equally talented chefs, but one will inevitably win out over the other. Why is that? The secret is that it inevitably comes down to the preparation of a restaurant’s entire operating staff and the culture created by the thousands of little things that go on behind the scenes.


For this article highlighting PRHYME’s new menu selections we peeked behind the curtain to take a look at what makes the entire dining experience at this downtown steakhouse the envy of so many other Tulsa restaurants. Here is what we found:
The real battle occurs long before a guest even makes the reservation with the preparation of the servers, bartenders, owners, hosts, managers, food runners, line cooks, chefs, dishwashers, and more. Heading into PRHYMEs fourth year, Proprietor Chef Justin Thompson and General Manager, Dustin Saied, have launched PRHYME’s new seasonal fall/winter menu. This new menu captures the warmth of fall and winter with elegant simplicity and satisfying comfort. We caught up with Justin, Dustin, and their staff at a recent private tasting and training session where new menu and drink options are sampled and discussed. “These sessions provide our staff tools, education, and experience to assist guests with menu selection and wine pairings while preparing them to answer any questions our guests may have. We want those who choose to dine at PRHYME to consistently receive a special experience each and every time they sit down for a meal with us.” said Dustin Saied.


We were curious about Dustin’s story and how he came to run one of Tulsa’s most esteemed fine dining establishments so we sat down for an interview to get to know him a little. It turns out that his story is an all American one. A healthy balance of risk taking and hard work has brought him from the the bottom to the top. Saied, originally from Oklahoma, invested time in Los Angeles pursuing a love of acting and now brings his passion for performance to his work with PRHYME. “In L.A., I enjoyed a high level of competition and apply what I learned about people and performance with my work here at PRHYME,” said Dustin. Beginning with PRHYME from its first day open as a lead bartender, Dustin quickly moved into the position of bar manager. Then, inspired by the vision of excellence and quality, he began to experiment with the emerging craft cocktail industry. “I saw that I could really utilize my creative personality while exploring the trends in craft cocktails,” he said.

From the position as bar manager, Dustin learned directly from the well known local sommelier, TC Leroy, who provided the opportunity for extensive wine and spirits training. From there Dustin became increasingly more involved with the business side of PRHYME’s beverage program so that when the opportunity for General Manager was offered to him he was prepared to accepted without reservation. “I’m very proud of the standards JTR (Justin Thompson Restaurant Group) sets for downtown Tulsa,” said Dustin. “We have all see the Brady District grow and we look forward to continuing to be the place people are talking about well in the future.”

After talking with Dustin and getting to know his staff we were excited to join their tasting and training session. Servers and bartenders listened intently, took detailed notes, asked questions, and made comments like they were pursuing a Phd in fine dining. The ethos of the meeting was both serious and familial. The fall menu itself is ambitious in it’s variance with a continued emphasis on guests comfort. The dishes reflect guest preferences from past menus and offer a satisfying array of PRHYME’s very best. “Over the four years we’ve been operating, we’ve carefully listened to our guests’ feedback and want to focus on their requests while continuing to offer contemporary versions of traditional steak house cuisine,” Justin Thompson explained.

Two new appetizers lead the menu and both are excellent choices for beginning any special meal. First, the Rock Shrimp and Shishito Peppers are pan fried with a sambal aioli and a touch of chives. Finished with radish and lemon, this appetizer makes a tasty, sophisticated, slightly spicy start to any meal.


Next, the Ahi Poke Tacos are a stylish, unique beginning to dinner combining avocado, wasabi mayo, and seasoned in a light sesame glaze with Sriracha and ginger honey.

There are two new salads you will find PRHYME’s servers heartily recommending the next time you dine here. The Romaine Hearts Salad, known to some as the “house salad”, features fresh burrata and grape tomatoes in a balsamic dressing, finished with a pistachio crumb and parmesan crumble. I loved the crunch and freshness of the pistachio crumble with its nutty, creamy flavor.

Another standout is the new Jumbo Crab Salad. It features seasonal melons, spinach, and avocado then tossed with a lemon vinaigrette, which added a delicate, refreshing acidity to the seafood. Try this salad with the Seafood Bisque and you will not be disappointed.

Of course, we cannot write about PRHYME without talking about their incredible selection of beef. They hand select and cut all steak in house and serve only USDA Prime grain fed beef, grass-fed beef and prime dry aged beef. Now, guests can select from three of the most popular cuts, each with a different set up: The Petite Filet Mignon, offered with garlic smashed potatoes and haricots verts; The Prhyme Cut Filet Mignon, offered with wild mushroom crust, parsnip puree, haricots verts in a morel demi-glace; or the Natural Grass-Fed Filet Mignon, served with sautéed root vegetable ribbons, haricots verts and herb butter.


Each selection of beef is 6 ounces, deliciously and perfectly prepared according to guest’s preferences including choice of four complementary sauces. These include PRHYME Steak Sauce, a classic Béarnaise sauce, a Veal Demi-Glace, and a truly fabulous Peppercorn Cream Sauce. And finally do not be surprised to hear your server offer one of the premium “add ons” that will elevate your prime beef selection to yet another unexpected level. Do yourself a favor and choose to add the lump crab “Oscar”, a 5 ounce Lobster Crown, the Foie Gras Butter, or the Bleu Cheese with Crispy Onions.

Although the cuts of tenderloin are their most popular you definitely want to vary your choice on each visit. While we were there for the staff tasting we experienced the Porterhouse Steak with perfect marbling that had melted through the steak during the cook. For this cut we added the Peppercorn Cream sauce that wonderfully enhanced, but did not overwhelm, the richness of the steak with it’s hint of spice.


Other notable menu enhancements for this seasonal menu include the entrees on their seared, sautéed and roasted menu featuring gluten free entrees. On this section of the menu we especially enjoyed the Mushroom Risotto, a medley of chanterelle, porcini and Portobello mushrooms in truffle oil with shaved parmesan. It embodies the idea of “elegant fall comfort food”. We discussed how this side dish could easily stand alone with a glass of wine at the bar for a later afternoon snack.


Other new menu additions include Seared Salmon, served with creamed leek and roasted potato hash and and olive and red bell pepper tapenade and Brown Butter Seared Sea Scallops. This delicate yet filling entrée featured curried cauliflower puree, parmesan crumble chanterelles and broccolini.
At the end of our tasting meal we were grateful to see how it is not “just” the excellent cuisine and warm atmosphere that makes PRHYME what it is, but most importantly the people working daily to achieve excellence in their craft.

PRHYME Downtown Steakhouse is part of the JTR Group and is located at 111 N. Main St, Tulsa, OK.
Hours are Monday – Saturday 4 – 11 P.M., Sundays, 4 – 9 P.M.
Reservations encouraged 918.794.7700


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