Hideaway Pizza now offers the new ’57 Marshall Beer, exclusively.

By on February 5, 2016

Some things just pair well together. Good on their own, great when combined. Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Grandma’s house and apple pie. A medium rare ribeye and a Napa Cab. And, of course, pizza and beer.


Now, pizza lovers can have the perfect beer pairing with a classic Oklahoma brand. In December, Hideaway Pizza announced its collaboration with Tulsa Marshall Brewing Company with their new, classic German-style ale, “Hideaway ‘57” Ale, named to honor the first Hideaway Pizza store which opened its doors in 1957 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


“We are proud to combine two great Oklahoma traditions by adding Hideaway ’57 Ale to our other great selections of Oklahoma-brewed beers,” says Janie Harris, marketing director Hideaway Pizza. It will be offered on tap at all Hideaway Pizza locations across the state except for two which have no draft beer (Edmond and the 51st and Memorial Tulsa location). The ale takes its inspiration from a traditional Kolsch with a clean, highly malty flavor with a balanced of hops to sweeten. Its soft mouth feel and clean finish make it a natural pairing with any of Hideaway’s pizzas. I tried it with my favorite pie, “The Boz” with its All-American blend of cheeses, meats (including bacon) with jalapenos added for a kick. I loved how the two tastes blended together the best of savory, spice and a touch of sweet.

Hideaway ’57 Ale is a craft beer, which are becoming more mainstream. Marshall Brewing Company sought to partner with an Oklahoma institution and Hideaway Pizza was a natural choice. “We wanted to collaborate on a beer that pays respect to the history of beer,” explains Marshall Brewing’s Wes Alexander, Director of Sales. “We feel most beer drinkers will find it approachable and complimentary to Hideaway’s hand-crafted pizzas.” Two award-winning companies pair together for a truly American pairing.

Marshall’s Brewing Company
618 South Wheeling
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hideaway Pizza
1419 E 15th
Tulsa, OK 74120
and throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

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