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By on September 16, 2015

Whether you’re looking for much needed respite after a long day at work, or simply a pleasant way to spend an early evening, the phrase “happy hour” has an across the board appeal for patrons of dive bars, swanky social clubs and every variety of restaurant and watering hole in-between. There’s nothing better after a hard days work than the simple indulgence of good food and drink, especially when you can enjoy it without having to worry about breaking the bank. Since lots of local establishments offer happy hour deals of some kind, we’ve stepped up to the challenge of rounding up a varied selection of the best happy hour food spots in Tulsa. Enjoy!


Seeing as this is a list of the best happy hour spots specific to Tulsa, what better place to start than a restaurant with local history dating all the way back to the early 80’s. S & J Oyster Bar was originally on Brookside for over 20 years, and when they reopened in 2012 in their new downtown locale (located off 1st street in the Blue Dome district) Tulsa eagerly welcomed them back. Being an oyster bar, their happy hour (which runs 2 to 6 every day) has no need for fancy gimmicks, just good deals on their peel-and-eat shrimp ($14.99 a dozen) oysters ($15.99 a dozen) and beer ($2 domestics during happy hour).


We ordered at the bar, and the oysters and shrimp arrived quickly and were neatly presented on a bed of ice. All their seafood is sourced from the Gulf of Mexico and flown in 3 times a week, and you could taste the freshness. Shrimp with cocktail sauce is one of my absolute favorite finger foods, and they make theirs fresh right in front of you, a nice touch. A crisp domestic lager was perfect to wash this down with. Simple, but delicious, especially here in landlocked Oklahoma.
S & J Oyster Bar 308 E 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74120 918.938.7933


Moving from surf right into turf, our next stop was Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse. Located on Main street in the heart of the Brady District, they really had some of the best deals on food, but with a few stipulations. Their entire bar menu (which includes a nice selection of bar snacks, burgers, and entrees) is half off all day, but only on Mondays and Tuesdays, and limited to the bar top and tables. These deals are worth the weekly wait and really make dining here a more easily affordable treat. We started with the King Salmon Cakes (normally $14.50 before the 50% discount). They had a beautiful presentation and were served with butter lettuce, Provencal tomatoes, and a zesty gherkin tartar sauce on the side that had a slight vinegar dill taste that was excellent with the light, savory, breaded flavor of the salmon cakes.

Our appetites thoroughly warmed up, we next tackled their Prhyme Burger. A patty consisting of 50% ground beef and 50% fresh ground prime beef tips is topped with Brie, grilled red onions, arugula, applewood smoked bacon, and their house-made steak sauce. The luxurious flavor profile of the Brie, grilled onions and steak sauce complemented the juicy, delicious burger patty perfectly. Served with a generous portion of their hand cut pommes frites (french fries) and costing just under $6 ($11.95 before the discount) this is one of the best burger deals in town. With their extensive selection of craft beers, fine spirits, and wines, the perfect beverage to pair with your meal is easy to find, especially with the help of their extremely knowledgeable staff.
Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse 111 North Main Street, Tulsa, OK 74103 918.794.7700


When asking around about the best happy hour food spots, one name came up over and over again – East Village Bohemian Pizzeria. Their happy hour runs from 3 to 6 Monday through Friday, and I can see why it’s garnered so much attention; They have quite a bit to offer. $3 off all of their pizzas, a pair of $5 appetizers, $2 domestic beers, and $3.50 16oz Coop Ale Works cans (I went with the Spare Rib Pale Ale, it was excellent). We started with both of the appetizers. The Goat Cheese Salsina was made with San Marzano tomatoes and fire roasted jalapenos, with big pieces of Lovera’s (based out of Krebs, OK) goat cheese that slowly melt into it. We also had the Roasted Artichoke Hummus, its strong roasted garlic flavors and big pieces of artichoke made it more flavorful than your usual hummus. Both were served with toasted pizza dough points and were a great way to get our appetites ready for some pizza.

We decided to go with the Local Sausage Pizza, the name attracted me and I was not disappointed when I started reading the ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes and sauce, Tulsa’s own Burn Co Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and imported Italian Mozzarella Di Bufala cheese. The sausage was the main star on this delicious, supreme-style pizza with the red peppers and onions complimenting the savory, smoky flavors of the Burn Co sausage. Fantastic, and a steal at just over $10 with the happy hour discount.
East Village Bohemian Pizzeria 818 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK 74120 918.895.6999


To round out this list a sushi place seemed the perfect fit, and it just so happens that Tulsa’s own In the Raw Sushi has a superb happy hour every Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7. Featuring a variety of half price sushi rolls and appetizers, $2 domestics beers, and $4 Kirin Light, a Japanese import beer, in a 16oz can. We started with a few appetizers, the Pork Gyoza were savory fried little pork filled dumplings served with a delectable dipping made from ponzu, garlic, and soy sauce; and their Edamame was served steamy hot and seasoned with their house spice blend.

Their happy hour sushi rolls rotate throughout the week, so they brought us an assortment of their most popular to try. The BOK has salmon, sprouts, cucumber, and a spicy sauce. The cool, fresh flavors let the spicy sauce really cut through at the end. The Dunwell, consisting of tempura shrimp, jalapeno, cream cheese and the same spicy sauce, had a nice heat from the sauce and jalapenos that was balanced by the cool cream cheese. The Cody, with tempura asparagus, salmon, yellowtail, lemon juice and masago, with a nice crunch provided by the fried asparagus. The classic California roll has crab, avocado, cucumber and is coated in sesame seeds. The Candy was filled with shrimp, snow crab, avocado and a spicy sauce that provided just a little sweet heat, making it my favorite of the spread.
In the Raw Sushi 3321 S. Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105 918.744.1300

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