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  • IMG_7725
    A World of Flavor at JINYA Ramen Bar

    Right down 2nd Street on the outskirts of the Blue Dome district you’ll find an unassuming brick facade that serves as a door to a whole new world. This is JINYA, and it’s so much more than...

    • Posted March 23, 2017
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  • fe
    Dining with Dad

    This Sunday is Father’s Day. It’s really not empty sentimentalism to set aside one day a year to focus in on what a big deal it is to be truly loved by a parent. In that spirit,...

    • Posted June 17, 2016
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  • hop_th
    What the Hop Jam Taught Us

    Hop Jam showed us two things: 1) Hanson fans are slightly nuts, and 2) Tulsans really, really like their craft beer. I originally was just planning on showing up for the beer, but I found out my...

    • Posted June 11, 2014
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  • fe
    Adventures in a Bad Food Zone

    Leave Tulsa in the dead of night, while even the roosters are still abed, hitting their snooze buttons because it’s far too early for their morning crow, and by the time the sun sets to usher in...

    • Posted June 6, 2014
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  • Philbrook Wine Experience
    The One and Only: Philbrook Wine Experience

    It’s all in who you know. Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited by Tulsa Food to attend the first night of the Philbrook Wine Experience – a biennial fundraiser for the pièce de...

    • Posted June 2, 2014
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  • fejim
    Escape to Greece at Jim’s Coney Island

    “Nothing much happened in Greece after 400 BC. That’s what they told me. And they were wrong. Completely wrong.” I’m not the kind of guy who can be found in the kind of places Western Doughty loves...

    • Posted May 30, 2014
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  • Laffa Salad
    Trend Spotting: Mediterranean Flavors Found at Laffa

    One of the hottest food trends for 2014 is Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern spices and flavors.  If you are looking for a palate make-over, look no further than right here in Tulsa proper to sample some of the...

    • Posted May 29, 2014
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  • fe2
    Chef Donaldson vs Chef Donaldson: Two Unforgettable Wine Dinners

    This week I had two of the best meals of my long life. Not in New York, not in Paris, but here in Tulsa. I’m still sated from last night’s wine dinner at Tallgrass Prairie Table. This...

    • Posted May 23, 2014
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