Cigars and a Relaxed Atmosphere at Silver Flame Steakhouse

By on April 7, 2016

There are few things in life as masculine as a piece of red meat and a fine cigar. Unfortunately, finding a restaurant in Tulsa that offers both the ability to smoke indoors and enjoy a great meal can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a business meeting with over a dozen colleagues—the majority of whom are avid cigar aficionados. When searching for a venue for our discussion, I knew I needed a place that offered a professional atmosphere, excellent food, and the ability to light up without hassle. While there are a few locations that rank amongst my favorites that met the criteria, I also knew I would be the one covering the tab and needed to keep the budget reasonable.
Silver Flame Prime Steak Tulsa
While searching for a place, I remembered hearing about how you could smoke cigars inside Silver Flame Steakhouse. Even though I’d seen their advertising around town, I had yet to stop in and try it for myself. In serious need of a meeting venue, I decided that it was worth a shot. However, after actually dining there, I was pleasantly surprised about their great menu offerings. While I’d heard rumors about the quality of their steaks, I did not realize that they offered USDA prime rib eye as a dinner choice and was pleasantly surprised.
Middle Eastern appetizers
Our business meeting kicked off with Middle Eastern appetizers served with delicious hummus tahini. There was also a selection of barbecue ribs, barbecue bologna, baked potatoes, dinner salads, French fries, vegetables, relish dishes, and bread. Pretty much, it was a whole meal before the real meal. It wasn’t until our server made their introduction that we realized the appetizer fare we were enjoying was complimentary. Needless to say, this also opened us up to more opportunities for the main course. (And, my wallet did a bit of a celebratory dance.)
Steak and Lobster Tulsa
Several drinks and some business discussion later, we were ready to indulge in the main course. I opted for the decadent steak and lobster combo and wasn’t disappointed. But that wasn’t even the best part. Thanks to a relaxed atmosphere throughout the steakhouse, the entire party felt at ease while enjoying our meals. We were even able to continue discussing our business matters without feeling like we had to hurry up and give our table to other guests.
Silver Flame Steakhouse Tulsa Oklahoma
Upon the completion of dinner, we relocated to a designated smoking area located at the bar. There, we enjoyed our cigars in yet another comfortable area of the steakhouse, which was large enough to easily accommodate the entire party. Again, the casual atmosphere helped us feel at ease and allowed us to settle in and smoke without feeling rushed. The service in this part of the restaurant was just as superb as in the main dining room, and we even finished one last drink as we wrapped up the evening.

The final verdict? Next time I want to conduct a business meeting with a large party of my colleagues, I’ll definitely revisit Silver Flame Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant. Not only did I receive excellent service at an affordable price, but the entire party got the type of treatment I would expect when looking for an establishment destined to impress. In addition to the benefit of receiving complimentary appetizers at the start of the meal, all of the dishes we tried throughout the evening were delicious. Everyone left feeling satisfied, and we were even able to cap off the business discussion we’d begun that night. In all, it was a good choice of venue for a professional night on the town.

6100 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 496-3311

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