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By on May 15, 2014


Many times when a prominent figure in sports allows his or her name and face to be used on a particular product many of us assume, for good reason, it is simply the kind of paid endorsement we have come to know as commonplace with big brand marketing.  There are exceptions, and Barry Switzer’s Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from Switzer Family Vineyards is definitely one of them.  Last week SMOKE on Cherry Street sold out another wine dinner that not only featured this Switzer’s wine, but also provided an opportunity for guests to hear the story of the winery and the passion that has powered the project from Barry Switzer himself.  In addition to his success with Oklahoma University and Dallas Cowboys Football, Coach Switzer and his family now find themselves winning in the wine industry as well since founding the company in 2010.


Wine dinners, in general, at one any one of the top restaurants in Tulsa are enjoyable.  But the menu put together by Chef Erik Reynolds and Chef Aaron Vasquez combined with the winsomeness of Coach Switzer and his ability to make a fan of any disposition feel at ease made this dinner one my personal favorites I’ve enjoyed at SMOKE.

Let’s talk about the food and wine from this delightful dinner.  After the champagne greet and some warm words of welcome and thanks from Barry we were into the first course:

This initial course featured the Mirror Sauvignon Blanc paired with wood fire grilled grilled quail, panzanella, arugula, a couple sliced of fresh chile and citrus.


Perfectly timed, our second course had the Elizabeth Rose Pinto Noir paired with an extremely tender center cut pork loin that had apparently been started on the grill and then roasted to a perfect temperature and tenderness.  The wild mushrooms and rosemary demi-glace worked very well with the Pinot Noir and were in a proportion to still let the quality cut of pork loin speak for itself.




Then we were ready for the main event: the third and final course featuring the Switzer Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.  Chef Erik Reynolds did not hold back.  A six ounce slice of New York strip cooked medium rare rested on roasted fingerling potatoes and was topped with an herb salad, toasted hazelnuts and a cabernet glaze.  It was our third serious protein set up and the portion was perfect.  The strip had all the elements of a great steal that SMOKE is known for with their wood fire grilled proteins. Namely, the classic seared in pecan smoke flavors trapped in the crust of the meat, that is served at perfect temperature.  The deep, rich blackberry and prevalent oak of the wine made this entire dish a very memorable one.

IMG_5594-2 IMG_5554-2

SMOKE on Cherry Street’s next special event dinner is a Pig Roast Beer Dinner on July 29th and they are currently accepting reservations. This dinner sold out last year and is an absolute blast. $50 plus tax and gratuity gets you seat at the party.

SMOKE. on Cherry Street
1542 E 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120



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