Bricktown Brewery: Changing the Game in Owasso

By on August 1, 2015


Bricktown Brewery’s original brewpub location opened in downtown Oklahoma City in 1992, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they decided to expand and share their delicious pub food and locally crafted session beer with the rest of the state. They’ve opened six locations since then with plans for several more (including a possible Tulsa location).


The Owasso location is one of their newest, and the first thing I noticed upon entering was the modern, upscale but casual feel, with seemingly every possible live sporting event playing across multiple screens, comfy booths, and relaxed decor.


Their motto is “Local Beer. Local Flavor.” and they certainly live up to it using locally sourced ingredients as well as all-natural beef and chicken with no hormones or antibiotics. They offer a surprisingly large menu filled with classic American style dishes boasting bold, spicy and sweet, smoky flavors.  As for their beer, they brew out of the flagship downtown Oklahoma City location and ship it fresh to the satellite locations weekly.


The best thing you can do for yourself is sit down and order a Bricktown flight and begin to sample each of these brews.  Let’s start with some tasting notes on each:

beer flight

Old King Kolsch – A light, easy-drinking American-style lager. Slightly bitter with a dry finish. A refreshing, locally-brewed alternative to the big name domestics out there.

Bluesberry Ale – A blonde ale with a blueberry sweetness that was subtle on the palate but abundant on the nose. They use over 120 lbs of fresh blueberries in each batch they brew, yet the flavor and sweetness were not overwhelming.

Wiley’s One-Eyed Wheat – A golden, unfiltered American wheat beer with subtle citrus notes from orange peel and enhanced with a lemon wedge garnish. If you’re a fan of Marshall’s Sundown or Boulevard Wheat, you’ll love this beer.

Millie McFadden Red Rye Ale – Deep red color, balanced toasted malt flavors with just enough hops to make this another extremely easy-drinking beer. Great for fans of Killians Irish Red.

Three Guardsmen India Pale Ale –  A nice malt profile and light hop bitterness that doesn’t linger make this a balanced, session IPA. California hops give floral, fruit, and pine notes on the nose.

Bricktown Brown – Malty, creamy but not sweet from the balance of hops.  A solid, easy-drinking, American brown ale.

Single String Stout – Dark color profile, medium body but the balance between the roasted malt and rich chocolate flavors make this beer more drinkable than it’s appearance would suggest.

cheese curds1

The lure of the beer may bring you in but the food will keep you here ordering another round.  We started with a few of their most popular appetizers as we were working our way through the initial beer flights. First were the fried local Watonga Cheddar Curds with a spicy ranch dipping sauce. The cheese is sourced from a farm in Watonga, OK and the beer batter is made with their Old King Kolsch and served with a spicy ranch dipping sauce.  Yeah..if you like fried cheese (or fried anything) you’re obviously going to enjoy these.


Next we ordered the Chopped & Chipped Nachos – a massive portion of house made tortilla chips topped with smoked pulled pork shoulder, “adult” barbecue sauce (made with Sriracha and their Single String Stout) melted cheese and a Cholula sour cream. Our server informed us that this dish is Bricktown’s most popular appetizer and it’s easy to understand why.  The chips are hot, fresh and crispy.  The portion is easily shareable by four or more.  And, as far as pub fare goes, it has a great balance of sweet and salty flavors.

cob salad

Next, we wanted to try one of their salads so we ordered the Cobb Salad – fresh flavors were abundant in this entree-sized, deconstructed salad. The recipe for their dressing dates back to 1937 from the famous Brown Derby restaurant (birthplace of the cobb salad).


We found ourselves on a mission to try every item on the menu that integrated one of the Bricktown ales into the recipe, so a wise individual at our table ordered the Buck’s Bourbon, Bacon & Beer Chili. This hearty chili is made with their sweet and smoky house bacon, bourbon, and their Bricktown Brown ale and served with house-made tortilla chips, it had a present but not overwhelming heat that was balanced by the savory, sweet and smoky flavors from the spices and big pieces of bacon.

kitchen sink burger

At this point in the meal I was primed and ready to dig into their signature dish the Truckburger.  OK – this is a bacon lover’s dream. Made with a patty consisting of 50% Creekstone all-natural beef, and 50% Nueske bacon (which they claim is the best in America), a bourbon bacon maple jam, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and a bacon aioli. The smoky, spiced flavors of the patty were delicious with the sweetness of the bourbon bacon maple jam. An impressive burger, to say the least.

truck burger & kitchen sink

We also tried the Kitchen Sink Burger – appropriately named, this beast of a burger is topped with ham, aged cheddar, house bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onions and their house-made “adult” barbecue sauce.  Plenty of savory, yet sweet and smoky flavors in this delicious barbecue-style burger.

squeaky cheese

In addition to burgers, they offer a full selection of sandwiches, dinner entrees, and pizzas, one of the most interesting of which was the Squeaky Cheese Pizza – a deconstructed pizza served with lightly grilled and cubed house-made cheese and hand-tossed pizza bread, with marinara, roasted garlic and a red pepper honey dipping sauce on the side, allowing you to construct it however you want. I tried it with a little of everything and the sharp, grilled flavors of the garlic and cheese paired excellently with the spiced, sweet flavors of the red pepper honey sauce and marinara. Definitely a unique addition to their menu.

chicken and waffles

Finally, our table decided to finish our last round of beers with the Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles – a large, juicy, corn flake battered chicken breast and a fluffy Belgian-style waffle, garnished with sage and served with their red pepper honey sauce instead of the usual syrup.


It’s almost impossible to describe Bricktown Brewery without the use of alliteration; beer, burgers, bacon, bourbon, barbecue, bold flavors, big portions. If you talk to many of the locals they will tell you, at long last Owasso has an Oklahoma grown, quality American style pub that works for families, friends watching the game, or just as a real place to grab a beer.


Bricktown Brewery
11909 E 96th St N
Owasso, OK 74055


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