Take-out at Bamboo Thai Bistro after Golf at LaFortune Park

By on July 12, 2011

After working up an appetite whiffing golf balls at LaFortune park, D and I decided to try the Thai restaurant on the corner- Bamboo Thai Bistro. With its plain facade and strip mall local I learned not to judge a book by its cover. Things are not always as they seem!

Though its name professes it to be a bistro, I was shocked to find that it actually looked like a bistro inside. The interior was freshly decorated and the modern, crisp white china added to the sophisticated look. Most importantly- the food was affordable and fantastic. We had just found a diamond in the rough!

I had a hankering for Thai food last week when I was stuck in the house post surgery and I wanted nothing else but Bamboo Thai Garden. Luckily, when you’re sick people are there to help you with things like odd cravings and pain medicine. D was nice enough to agree to pick up the order and even sacrifice his choice in entree for the sake of research.

To start: Fresh Rolls with peanut sauce and Crab Ragoons:

The Fresh Rolls ($3.95), rice paper stuffed with veggies, shrimp, pork and rice noodles, were crisp and refreshing  and the Crab Ragoon ($4.95) was stuffed with more crab than anywhere I have seen. Dine in and you get those tasty shrimp chips- you know, the ones that look like styrofoam and taste kind of curious but you eat the whole basket anyways?

I chose the Chicken Drunken Noodle ($8.55) for D to try:

Tasty, wide, rice noodles with a flavorful brown sauce along with onions, scallions, bamboo, bean sprouts, basil and egg. If you like things spicy they will prepare it for you as hot as you like. D and I both loved this dish- the noodles were light but there was nothing subtle about the sauce. Delicious!

The first time we dinned in at Bamboo Thai Bistro I ordered the Pad Thai- which was super tasty- and D got the Pad Thai Curry. Once again I was plagued by dish envy. So this time I got myself the Chicken Pad Thai Curry ($8.55) and I have a hard time believing I will ever order anything but:

Pad Thai Curry Tulsa

This dish is fabulous because it has the wonderful, warm taste and the creaminess of curry with the brightness of the Pad Thai so that it is not too rich. And I love rice noodles- my favorite!

If one of these dishes doesn’t do it for you, check out their other menu offerings at the Urbanspoon link below. Tom Yum Soup, Basil Fried Rice and Peanut Curry caught my eye!

The next time your are looking for good Thai food and want to be nice to your wallet, give Bamboo Thai Bistro a try!

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Bamboo Thai Bistro
5079 S. Yale Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135
(918) 828-0740

Bamboo Thai Bistro on Urbanspoon


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  1. Gretchen

    July 12, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    One of my student’s families owns this place. I can’t wait to try it and I MUST GET ME SOME OF THAT PAD THAI CURRY.

    • Brian Schwartz

      July 13, 2011 at 11:40 am

      I believe the owners are Hmong from Laos.

  2. Brian Schwartz

    July 12, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    They do some fabulous curries and if you want to see them, check out the photos in my review.


  3. Erica

    July 12, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Wow! I want to try it!

  4. shredder

    July 26, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Tried it with my wife today around noon.
    It was 101 in the parking lot and probably 85 inside…..insufficient cooling?

    Smelled so inviting, we stuck around….the starter soup was very good…sweet, spicey version of an egg-drop soup.

    I ordered Beef Pad, wife had Orange Delight Shrimp…menu is huge LOTS of choices.

    Waitress asked for spice preferences, we both replied mild..(their scale appears to be no spice, mild, medium and oofta that is hot)

    I have traveled to Thailand and have had the nuclear version of hot….

    The Pad portion was large, my beef was fork tender but the plate seemed like it had no extra spicing done to it….I did not inquire further.
    It had a pleasant taste with the green onions and mild sauce with crushed peanuts.

    My wife’s dish was very tasty and the medium sized shrimp were fresh and cooked well.
    The sauced veggie medley had green bell peppers, so it was spicier than mine….but still on the mild side.

    I think maybe the waitress mis-understood our spice request, or they were erring to over-caution with the local tastebuds.

    Judging by the crowd, (about 9 of the 12 or so tables full) I think it is a good fit for the area.

    I will have to try again before I grade it…it is worth a re-visit.

    One pet peeve at an ethnic restaurant, have real ethnic music. (you are trying to create an atmosphere).
    The radio was stuck on some station playing contemporary, rambling mind numbing music…

  5. bk

    July 30, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Have been twice and had the eggplant pad both times. Delicious and one of those things I crave now. Will go again and venture beyond my current fav. Wait staff is extremely gracious yet not hovering.
    Love the shrimp chips and definately am making this a regular on my ethnic rota of restaurants.

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