Rex's Chicken – Just Great Chicken (and Fry Bread)

By on October 7, 2010

Memories have a way of becoming a bit foggy, and if you haven’t noticed, things we remember tend to get idealized beyond what they were in realty. That’s why I wasn’t sure what to expect when I paid a visit to Rex’s Chicken recently.

The brand has recently been revived by Beautiful Brands International in Bixby, and knowing the current hot topics of the Tulsa food world, I’ve heard both sides of the debate. Some say the new Rex’s is not like the original at all—others will swear it’s better than ever. I say, keep an open mind and judge it by what it does for your taste buds today…words to live by, especially if you’re a die-hard food lover.

I recently visited Rex’s new 111th and Memorial location and ordered their standard Jalapeño chicken dinner with fries and fry bread. I took with me no expectations or preconceived ideas. No romanticized thoughts of a local iconic brand or anything else. Just your basic hunger pangs and driving addiction to comfort food.

I must admit…everything I ordered was delicious and didn’t disappoint. The bite size chicken was tender inside and perfectly crunchy out, the fries were good and the fry bread…what can I say but AMAZING. I could have eaten ten of them with drizzled honey (and not even minded being carried out… if it came to that). I also loved the tangy sauce selection (You know I love me some good sauces)

Conclusion—great experience.

Although I remember the old Rex’s and hearing about it, based on my recent experience at the new Rex’s, I look forward to creating many more memories with this revived restaurant. Like I said, a memory is a hard standard to live up to. I can only judge by the terrific bite size chicken and sides Rex’s is serving up now days. I give it a thumbs up and will be back soon to try the Jalapeño Chicken and yes, a lot more fry bread.

[Jalapeño Rex’s Chicken Video Link]

Rex’s Chicken
11089 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 394-3647

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