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  • qfO1kzEN2OrLDIg3hCbfcU5dlKzawF-CilFbrtr_JEg
    Yokozuna Southside Rolls out the Rolls

    As if we need one more reason to love the fun, vibrant south Tulsa hotspot of 91st and Yale, McNellie’s dining group has given us yet another great excuse....

    • March 23, 2015
  • QRiDpmkorH9fCXza1121oPnDtaQysuSQkkfNhK6rcVs
    HopBunz Pops Up in South Tulsa

    I can never pass that HopBunz store on Brookside without wanting to be inside eating. No matter what I’m heading towards—a lady, a banquet, a bright, sunny drive—there’s always a...

    • March 17, 2015
  • HM9IweX0m5SxmcKXLaN9NBa4dZ1_gcvmo3YUFVPjIuE-1
    Tea Time at DragonMoon Tea Company

    Years ago, my boyfriend and I lived in separate cities, and spent a lot of time dining out alone. One day, he called me with a confession. “Meg,” he said...

    • March 11, 2015
  • ZdemvBY5sZx3S9UcDIyxSjZ1-AxCV1c7rzMOgwmxAEE
    Sobahn Shines with Japanese-Korean Fusion

    Nestled in a corner of South Tulsa amongst various big name restaurant chains is an authentic, family-owned treasure. Sobahn serves Japanese-Korean fusion cuisine with an emphasis on authentic Korean, a...

    • March 4, 2015

Recent Events

  • TulsaDecofeatured
    Tulsa Deco Offers Garth-Themed Wine Dinner

    Some of the best kept foodie secrets in town are the special event dinners offered throughout the year at Girouard Vines in the East Village (3rd and Lansing). If you’re...

    • January 15, 2015
  • GarthFeatured-420x470
    Where to Eat in Downtown Tulsa Before the Garth Brooks Concert

    Oklahomans will flock to Tulsa this weekend and next for the holy grail of country music concerts—two entire weekends with Garth Brooks and his hunnie, Tricia Yearwood. Before you...

    • January 7, 2015
  • oratf_tf_th-420x470-420x470-420x470-420x470
    The ORA Oswalt Culinary Cook-Off

    The Oswalt Culinary Cook-off has been around for 18 years now, and the story goes that for the first several years it was held at the Oswalt booth at...

    • October 6, 2014