Biting into a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

By on April 29, 2010

Today for once I was in the mood for a chicken sandwich, but I couldn’t just have any chicken sandwich…I had to have something unique. I knew I was going to be cooking up some burgers on the Barby tonight, so I wanted to balance out my day with a little white meat for lunch. The only thing that really came to mind was a recommendation from my buddy Keenan at Fire Rock. Keenan, Fire Rock’s head chef recommended that I try the Grilled Teriyaki chicken sandwich. For some reason his suggestion stuck with me because this afternoon I stuck that sandwich in my mouth. No for real…check out the video of me doing just that.

I really didn’t know what to expect when ordering this dish cuz you will hardly ever find me ordering a chicken sandwich. When the sandwich came out I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my expectations were about to be far exceeded. The first thing I noticed were two big pieces of fluffy ciabatta bread. Then I saw that the chicken had just the right amount of Teriyaki sauce on it. I was a little surprised to see onions and dill pickles on this sandwich, but when I took my first bite it all made sense. The pickle and onions came together to balance out the tangy-sweet flavors of the pineapple and Teriyaki sauce. This created an experience that I want to have over and over again. I actually kind-of felt like I had discovered something new…then again maybe not. You will just have to try it for yourself.

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