Daily Grill – Bleu Cheese with Bacon

By on April 26, 2010

Having frequented Daily Grill multiples times with each experience being very good, I was looking forward to sampling their Black and Bleu Burger that was on their online menu which stated being stuffed, yeah stuffed, with Bleu Cheese and cracked black pepper and topped with a Bleu Cheese Mayo and served with their amazing Onion Rings – right up my ally.  After we were seated, I was surprised to not see a Black and Bleu Burger on the menu.  The waitress quickly confirmed.  Being set on Bleu Cheese no matter what, I picked the CheeseBurger cooked to medium, which states “Choice of Cheese” – guess which I picked.  As I frequently do, I also added bacon.

On all of my trips to Daily Grill they have done an outstanding job of cooking my burger to the desired temperature and this trip was no exception – see picture of the medium rare burger below.  The burgers are half pound of 80/20 angus beef cooked on a grill, seasoned with salt and pepper.  The beef flavor comes through on this big burger very good.  Even with bleu cheese and bacon you can still taste the beef.  The bleu cheese was very good, not being too powerful but also not being to weak to notice.  When I first received the burger I was a little surprised that the bacon was chopped up but this ended up being a really big advantage being that the bacon would not just pull out in one bite and also ensured bacon in every bite.

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