Five Guys Burgers Now Open in South Tulsa

By on September 3, 2012

Acclaimed burger joint Five Guys has moved into Tulsa with its first location NOW OPEN at about 96th and Riverside. The location pictured below is 9635 Riverside Parkway and is open for burgers as of today, September 3rd at 11am.

Five Guys Burger Tulsa

Five Guys is a franchised fast casual burger restaurant out of Virginia with locations all over the US. They’re known for operating at high food quality standards and with a burger loving philosophy that has made them the number one burger in the tummies of their faithful customers.

I had to get a taste of Five Guys myself before they opened in Tulsa. So I stopped by a Kansas City location to give the much worshiped burger a shot. I walked up to the counter and asked them to give me the best. The guy at the register just started rattling off about 10 toppings. I was thinking, no way…I just wanna get me a taste of some of dat meat and not a mouth full of toppings. I quickly realized the uniqueness of Five Guys is the ability to select your own burger toppings from a huge list on the menu. There are actually over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.

Five Guys Burger

At a place like Five Guys you have to go double. As for my toppings, I went simple with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and mayo. I wanted to experience Five Guys with a classic double cheese burger. Just by looking at the photo of my burger, you can probably guess the burger tasted amazing. The patties where completely cooked (they cook’em how they cook’em) and still very moist with a slight sear around the edges. The cheese was perfectly melted, and the veggies still had a nice crunch.

As I sat at this Five Guys location, I noticed multiple, “best of” Kansas City awards on the walls. It was actually pretty impressive. I could finally see why people are in love with this burger chain. They met all my expectations and gave me insight into their plans for Tulsa. No doubt, they’re going for the best burger title in T-Town.

Is Five Guys the best chain burger? Some from California say that Five Guys will never be better than In-n-out Burger. What do you think?

Five Guys
9635 Riverside Parkway
(918) 296-5509

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