Stella Reauxs: A Cajun Taste Explosion

By on October 20, 2014

Stella Reauxs (pronounced “rose”) opened in mid-May this year and has been a delight to Tulsa foodies ever since. Tiffanie Reynolds is a woman of many talents. She has explored several different vocations, but it appears that now she has found her true calling via a food truck! The food truck itself is unique, completely covered in chalkboard paint so that customers can explore their creativity while waiting on their made to order food. A pink ironing board is used for condiments, utensils and napkins.




Stella Reauxs is a full family effort. Tiffanie’s husband and daughter often interacting with customers while Tiffanie handles the cooking. Family is the key ingredient from start to finish in her new business. Growing up she was drawn to her grandmother’s Cajun kitchen, constantly in awe of a woman who could make mouthwatering meals from a limited kitchen. Being an inspiration to her children is a driving force for Tiffanie, “Part of why I do this is because I want my 12 year old daughter to see a successful female owned business.”



Like a lot of food trucks, the menu is constantly changing. Tiffanie revels in the independence that Stella Reauxs brings. “I change the menu whenever I get bored,” she laughed, also admitting that fresh ingredients and practicality also come to play when she revamps the menu. One thing that she guarantees will always be around is the Cajun Hash ($7). She sold 100 at last week’s Broken Arrow’s Main Street Eats event! The hash is delicious. It features traditional hash browns, Andouille sausage, red beans and peppers—all with a spicy kick! The portions that she provides match her generous and nurturing spirit. I found myself so full I begrudgingly had to share the hash with some friends, although I can credit my full stomach to something else, the Reauxs Burger.


The Reauxs Burger ($8) is new on the menu. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to try it. One thing to know about Tiffanie’s style of cooking is that she doesn’t shy from seasoning. The perfectly cooked burger was packed with flavor; a hole cut out in the middle for a fried egg, topped with spicy relish, pepper jack cheese, sweet & spicy BBQ sauce on a perfectly toasted onion bun. It was so wonderful, the aromas alone were intoxicating!  This menu item was too good to share.



When Tiffanie is feeling particularly generous she does “The Big Teasy” for $14, which will give you half portions of at least 5 menu items. I felt a pang of gluttony when she told me about it, despite the fact that another bite of food would surely send me into a food induced coma. Another menu favorite with her customers is “The Walking Nachos”, which features taco meat, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, mixed with crumbled up Nacho Cheese Doritos. The dish is served in the Nacho Cheese Doritos bag with a fork. Simply genius. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of people who would line up for such a treat on a Saturday evening.


The Facebook page provides potential customers with venue locations and times. I was fortunate enough to get my grub and booze all in one stop, as the truck was in the Primo’s Fine Wine & Spirits parking lot. After all, what is delicious food without a tasty beverage?! As of now the only day the truck is not running is Wednesday. Cash and credit cards are accepted, so there are no excuses to not try this fantastic new addition to Tulsa’s food truck culture!


Monique Garmy

About Monique Garmy

Monique Garmy is an Admissions Counselor and Diversity Outreach Coordinator for The University of Tulsa College of Law. She received her BA in Spanish and Creative Writing from The University of Tulsa, with a semester abroad at La Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Monique's passion for food and culture was developed at an early age, undoubtedly the result of being raised in a French-Colombian home that celebrated unique culinary experiences. This multicultural exposure has fueled an inherit need for adventure; to this date she has been to over 15 countries and has enjoyed every bite of her travels! A Tulsa native, Monique is thrilled to celebrate the growth of the city’s palate through her writing for TulsaFood.