Meatballs And More At The Mangiamo Food Truck

By on April 4, 2013

I love food trucks. I’ve been upset in the past because the lack of quality food trucks. And, since last summer it seems, there has been an explosion of tasty treats on wheels! Tulsa had a couple of food truck festivals last year. We were also introduced to the Lone Wolf food truck which is making a huge killing by Soundpony bar downtown with their Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and kimchi fries. Gyros by Ali, which regretfully I did not have a camera for proper review last time, so I must go again. Andolini’s now has a food truck! It seems there are many others popping up too and ones that have been around awhile. And while finding a place with good food and good beer to match is my general mission, I think I’m going to make it my mission to hit all the food trucks as well. With that, I would like to introduce Mangiamo. A classic mom and pop shop, but on wheels. The Mangiamo food truck which is run by husband and wife team, Jeff and Eileen, is a rolling Italian kitchen and they’re bringing their mobile meatballs and more to a street near you.
The Mangiamo Food Truck
Meatballs is what this truck is about and their red sauce too. Dishing up simple items to you from a rotating menu like meatball sandwiches, bowl of meatballs, penne with meatballs, sausage and peppers, penne ala vodka, lasagna rolls, etc. With a background from NYC, you think they would know their stuff, right? Well, they do.

I ordered the meatball sandwich to start. The meatballs are made fresh daily with a beef and pork mixture. They are then stuffed inside bolillo bread and topped with their made from scratch sauce and cheese. Simple sides of chips, soda pop, and water is on the menu as well. At first look, I was really hoping for 4 meatballs, but instead there were 3. Kinda being picky here, but oh well. It is lunch and it’s meant to be filling but not “I hate myself” full. Anyway, these meatballs are awesome. Very moist and flavorful and the sauce was like something from home. Kudos putting it into a bread that soaks up that delicious sauce too, but holds firm and doesn’t make a mushy, soggy mess. I enjoyed every single bite and was perfectly content when finished. No naps for me today. 8 dollars for the sandwich, drink, and chips. Not bad!
For the sake of taste, or my stomach, or science, or whatever, I went back again the next day to try the lasagna rolls. I rolled up and they just got them done. Perfect timing. There’s a good amount of cheese filling and topped with that great sauce. Served with a side of bread. Again, tasty and filled to content. 8 dollars for the lasagna rolls, chips, and drink.WP_20130329_003
Mangiamo is Italy on wheels. Simple dishes and done well. Their meatballs are a must! Generally, they’re located on the corner of 34th and Yale between 11:30a and 1:30pm during the week. They run around to some hotspots on the weekends as well. Check out their Facebook page for more info on places and times.

Mangiamo Food Truck

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