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By on March 5, 2014

The Wild Fork

A text exchange between me and owner/founder :
Mitch D: “Hey Brian, you free for lunch later this week to talk further?”
Brian M: “You bet, Saturday 1pm, you pick the place.”
Mitch D: “Cool. Let’s do Wild Fork, Saturday 1PM.”
Brian M: “See you then!”

We were meeting to brainstorm and discuss Brian’s new vision and direction for, but it further evolved into a sampling of several random dishes at this timeless Tulsa darling restaurant. Wild Fork is hands down one of the best brunch destinations in Tulsa. But, we took a different direction this time…

Side note – we got Oklahoma style unlucky with the weather that day. Little wet, little cold. But – when the weather is nice, enjoying a lazy midday meal and mimosa outside on the courtyard patio while watching casual Utica Square shoppers and neighbors walking their dogs, is really hard to beat.

The Wild Fork manager

I arrived early. Probably around 12:56. Brian casually walked in the door at approximately 1:04. I was immeasurably not offended.We were warmly greeted by Wild Fork’s manager Jeff, then escorted to the West Room. This room is a great for a private dinners (reserve it – it can handle parties up to 36 people). On this day it was full, except for one table. Lucky us. There is an East Room, a West Room and a room in the center anchored by the bar. Chelsey was there at the bar mixing and pouring.

The Wild Fork Drinks

When you dine at Wild Fork, whether it’s the first time or the thousandth, take a walk around. Take in the local art and the way the place feels like you are dining in a good friends home, who happens to be a chef. And, walk around with a glass of wine – that will boost your confidence.

Inside The Wild Fork

Ok, let’s talk about food. Here’s the honest truth.
Brian and I had the entire Saturday afternoon open.
We were hungry.
We were thirsty.
We were going to be there for a while so we ended up ordering a couple things we’d never had from the dinner menu.


I’m going to highlight three stand out dishes. Here we go: Let’s start with the Pinot Noir Poached Pear Salad ($10.00). Greens, Roquefort cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette. Salads can be boring and this one is certainly not. The textures and flavors of the poached pears, red onions, walnuts and fresh lettuces work very well together.


Next, the Rack of Lamb with Lemon-Garlic rub ($39.00). Lamb is my personal favorite protein so I am always curious to see what a top Tulsa restaurant does with it. Brian snatched one by the bone and went primal on it. I followed his lead and was pleased to find it a perfect medium rare. The red chili-sun dried tomato syrup is the spicy and sweet combo you would expect, but leans to the sweet side.

Catfish & Shrimp Etouffeé

But, the Fried Fillet of Catfish & Shrimp Etouffeé ($19.90) was the favorite dish of the day. This dish is very well conceived and will not disappoint you. It’s not over-thought and the southern wine sauce is packed with creole flavor. This is a must order.

The Wild Fork has been a Tulsa staple since 1995. They are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can check them out further at

The Wild Fork
1820 Utica Square, Tulsa, OK 74114
(918) 742-0712

Mitch Dees

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