The MASA Food Truck brings unique flavors to T-town

By on September 1, 2014

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Robert Carnoske and Chad Wilcox have created something amazing. Instead of the usual Tex-Mex flavors so often seen in town, they offer a true Latino fusion experience, as exhibited in their Pre-Colombian influenced logo. 

Logo on truck

My first impression of the owners was that they are clearly two friends who genuinely enjoyed working together—certainly a recipe for success. Perhaps it was the fluid demeanor that they held in conversation with one another, or maybe it was just that they had Bob Marley on blast as they calmly prepared order after order. Robert and Chad became friends at Tulsa’s own Bishop Kelly High School, bonding over their love for all things tasty. 

Holding dishes

The years that followed were mostly spent in different cities apart from one another, with a few BBQ competitions thrown in for good measure. The two both dreamed of one day opening a late night food truck that served the type of food they not only enjoyed eating, but couldn’t find anywhere in that vicinity. Home was the perfect venue. 

Grilling Bread

Like most food trucks in town, it can be a little tricky finding them precisely when you want to at times. Your best bet is to follow MASA on Facebook or Twitter. Robert and Chad both confirmed that they will always be at Hodge’s Bend for Sunday brunch (typically around 11AM-2PM).

B&W - MASA line

 Hodge’s Bend was having an assortment of special cocktails that day and I have to say the watermelon bloody mary was so refreshing on a hot summer day!  You won’t want to miss MASA’s brunch, as this is when the full menu is available. The most notable, “Maria’s Hash” was quite possibly one of the most exciting and delicious breakfast items I have ever had in my life. 

Hash with Cocktail

Served on a banana leaf, this dish offers up Colombian chorizo, cubed plantain, avocados, pico de gallo, topped with a fried egg. The flavors came together perfectly, the plantains were not quite ripe but sweet enough to create a beautiful melody with the savory chorizo. The addition of the avocado, pico de gallo, and fried egg just turned the dish into a colorful symphony. I felt a nostalgia for my mother’s home country, although to be honest I have never had a breakfast like that in Colombia. 

Empanda, center dish

One thing I certainly had while in Colombia was the empanada. They are small in size and so addictive that it is impossible to order only one. MASA does the Colombian empanada justice. As soon as the perfectly half-moon shaped yellow delicacies appeared out of the window I knew I was in for a real treat.  What sets the Colombian empanada apart is that it is fried. Like my mom always said, “If I wanted something baked I’d order a cookie.” 

Empandas solo

Robert, who also has a Colombian mother, clearly understands the allure of this fried food as well. There are three different kinds of empanadas on the menu! I’ve been to other countries and perhaps I am biased due to my heritage, but the Colombian empanada reigns. The trick is that the corn masa dough isn’t so thick that it overwhelms its content. Inside “The Colombiana” empanada you will find perfectly seasoned pork, beef, and potato. This may sound simple, but I assure you the amount of prep work that these delicacies require is ample. MASA serves “The Colombiana” with ají, which is so good you almost want to drink it like a gazpacho.  The authentic Colombian flavors of citrus, garlic, and cilantro come together as a perfect accompaniment. 

Bacon poppers close up

Robert and Chad have other dishes on the menu, most much more fusion inspired and unique, such as the Thai basil chicken empanadas or the bacon poppers. Everything I tried was delicious, but it was difficult not to lose myself in the hash and “Colombiana”, as they transported me to a country that I know and love so well. 

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