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By on June 7, 2016

Fact Number One:   Oklahoma is land locked.  This geographical fact – along with our agrarian heritage –influences our food resources thereby influencing the food we consume.


Fact Number Two:  Oklahomans love our meat and potatoes.  Most of us grew up gulping down creamy mashed potatoes and gravy along with roast beef, steak, hamburgers and hot dogs.  And while we know these foods can detract from health conscious diet practices, we often get into ruts.

Which leads us to Fact Number Three:  Change is hard.


Those that know about influencing eating habits suggest that change comes only when we experience a compelling reason to nudge us out of uninspired eating routines. So knowing something is not enough – experiencing compelling benefits –are usually needed for long term habit changing. So, though most of us know that a Mediterranean diet – one characterized by high consumption of vegetables, olive oil and a moderate consumption of protein – can benefit heart health significantly, we often don’t realize it can also be a delicious change of pace.

Enter Ammar Albik and his restaurant, Sinbad Rotisserie Chicken.


Just a few short miles off the Broken Arrow Expressway in Broken Arrow, Sinbad Rotisserie Chicken serves up healthy, authentic and delicious Mediterranean food seven days a week. (We discovered this local spot through our Order On My Way App.) Ammar and his wife, Rima, have been a part of the Tulsa restaurant community since 2010 and also own Western Country Diner, at 19th and Sheridan.


The food offered at Sinbad is diverse and the service is thoughtful and attentive. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the willingness of the owner, Ammar, to school me in the ways of his restaurant and his approach to caring for his guests.



All of the entrees offered at Sinbad Rotisserie Chicken are made with the freshest and most authentic ingredients and created in the Old World style of Mediterranean cuisine. The complexity of preparation and the attention to detail is evident throughout the menu which features popular Mediterranean fare along with more exotic items, too.  You can expect great tasting hummus with fresh lemon, cumin and garlic while also sampling hand crafted Baba ghanoush, expertly prepared with eggplant, onions, and olive oil and special seasonings. Common side dishes, such as tabbouleh, get an uncommonly fresh approach:  hand prepared daily with fresh parsley and lemon juice.  Additionally, entrée seasonings for standout selections such as Tarna Chicken and Shawarma (usually prepared with lamb) are imported by Ammar from overseas, guaranteeing genuine Middle Eastern flavors.


While visiting Sinbad, we enjoyed falafel that are colorfully accompanied by house made pickled turnips and pickles. The tahini sauce, authentically inspired and seasoned, makes the large portion a mini-meal.


While many restaurants offer gyros, Sinbad’s offers a tasteful, spicy version with shaved lamb that can be an entrée or ordered as a wrap.  Like most of the entrees, guests can choose from house made tabbouleh, garden salad, fries, and hummus or for those more adventurous, basmati Rice or Baba Ganoush, a decidedly different side dish created with garlic, lemon, salt, tahini and cumin.


Admittedly, Baklava might not be the most health-conscious item on the menu, however, it is expertly crafted by Ammar with flaky pastry, rich butter, walnuts and pistachios.  Ask about their very special version with cream cheese, available by special order.  I had to have two squares of this traditional Middle Eastern pastry, it was melt-in-my mouth good.

With so many delicious reasons, a visit to Sinbad’s is on the smart person’s short list of restaurants that encourages a break from the hamburger, and sandwich rut. Sinbad Rotisserie Chicken, 514 N. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK 7 4012.  Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. 918.381-3153. Order carryout using the free OrderOnMyWay app.

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