Barbee Cookies – The Cookies Say it All!

By on October 18, 2010

Cookies aren’t really that hard to come by these days. Every grocery store has a cookie aisle. Most of the time you can find common ingredients around the house to bake cookies, or you can fake it and get the refrigerated dough.

You Could do those things to get cookies, but how often do you get to say “that cookie was one of the best cookies I’ve ever had”? Nobody starts a cookie shop named after themselves by just having an ordinary cookie.

Barbee Cookies located next to Micheal V’s in Bixby started out of a passion for baking cookies for friends and family. That passion soon became a home business which then became a brick and mortar operation that now ships delicious cookies all over the world. After trying Barbee Cookies for ourselves we can understand the progression that took place here. These cookies are made to be shared … they are that good!

Barbee Cookies in Bixby not only has a cookie for every taste, they also provide a means to give the gift of cookies with style. Everything from baskets to boxes with ribbons and bows that will match any theme or occasion. We were even told that they currently ship all over the world, and even ship to our soldiers in Iraq.

Barbee Cookies
Suite 136
8222 E. 103rd Street, Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 369-7997

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