Rediscovering Love for the Classics at The Boston Deli

By on August 26, 2011

Don’t let the name fool you, although The Boston Deli does serve a line up of classic sandwiches, we found this long time Tulsa restaurant a place to explore far from ordinary classics for lunch and upscale bold contemporary food for dinner.

The Boston Deli is a place to explore food, take for instance their Reuben sandwich. Sounds ordinary, but check this out. The Boston Deli’s Classic Reuben comes with your choise of one of 3 meats. Turkey, Corn Beef or Pastrami on Jewish Rye. So far, I have tried the Roast Beef and Pastrami. So what makes it special? The meats are brined for several days then smoked for hours on a Hasty-Bake Charcoal Oven. You can’t find better sandwich meat in Tulsa. I invited my buddy Joe to try this Reuben and he claims, “it is the best Reuben in town”.

Check-out this next hot sandwich, the Italian meatball Parmesan on crusty french bread with mozzarella, provolone and fresh oregano. Homemade meatballs that are so tender your teeth will sink right through them as you take in all the spices blended in.

All sandwiches at The Boston Deli are specially prepared in some way. Whenever I get to wondering around the restaurant I always notice several chefs and cooking staff preparing different elements of the dishes. On my last visit I asked if we could sample from the dinner menu and I was told that it was impossible because all of the makings of dinner were being prepared. In other words it was not sitting in the freezer waiting to be unwrapped and cooked.

Dinner at The Boston Deli is completely different from lunch. So contrary that they should consider removing the word “Deli” from their name. Its worth checking out and perfect for a special dim-lit date night. We plan on hitting their dinner very soon to get some pictures and share more about it with you!

With an always changing weekly chalkboard menu (click the link to sign-up for the weekly email) of specials that will keep your taste buds entertained with an innovative selection of dishes made with fresh premium ingredients. A lot of great memories have been made at The Boston Deli: a brined and smoked from scratch Reuben for lunch, a candlelit wine dinner or Hasty-Bake Charcoal smoked baby-back ribs on Saturday. Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma for over 20 years, here is an opportunity to try this popular lunch spot for dinner.

The Boston Deli
6231 E 61st Street

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