The Mother Road Market is Open and Brimming with Tulsans

By on November 10, 2018


And so it begins.

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s ambitious aim at bringing a massive injection of life to Tulsa’s Route 66 with the 27,000 square foot Mother Road Market has become a reality. Tulsa’s Mayor, G.T. Bynum, accounts this achievement among the big wins that are propelling this city onto the global stage; attracting new outside businesses and tourism alike. And he’s correct. The entrepreneurial energy in this community space is palpable. Local dreamers are already getting overrun with Tulsans piling in to experience something completely new to Oklahoma. Namely, a single space to totally immerse oneself in the freshest ideas in the local Tulsa food scene.


As we talked with Elizabeth Frame Ellison, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s President and CEO, a couple days before Mother Road Market’s Grand Opening there was no doubt in her mind that Tulsa was primed to embrace this project. Indeed, the foundation has built it, and now Tulsa is coming in by the thousands.

(from left to right: Ashley Van Horne, Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s Chief Communications Officer, Mitch Dees TulsaFood Publisher/CEO, and Elizabeth Frame Ellison, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s President and CEO) 

As TulsaFood popped in for lunch this week, every seat is taken inside and out (even on a cold fall afternoon), and lines form at each merchant. The Well Bar is serving local beers to a packed bar as quickly as possible, and the Farmer’s Market is bustling with commerce.

And this is just the beginning. From here, we will not only see local restauranteurs testing their concepts before moving to larger scale brick and mortar locations, but also a myriad of community driven events designed to bring us all further together through food and drink.


Over the coming weeks, our food writers will be eating our way through and reporting on each restaurant concept, but for now just head to 11th Street & South Lewis Avenue and begin to enjoy a food experience like no other in Tulsa. For a list of current merchants and hours of operation click here.


Mother Road Market
1124 S. Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104




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