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By on August 21, 2009

Brunch is one of those idealistic meals that I spend the week relishing the thought of. One of the best things about Sunday’s is having an amazing brunch with friends or family. There are so many wonderfully unique brunches around town. Brunch is the one meal a week that you can relax, enjoy the beauty of the day, catch up with friends and family and enjoy fabulous food. I love breakfast food, however my love of oversleeping on the weekends usually negates the possibility of eating breakfast on a usual basis. That is why brunch is a personal favorite. I love anyplace that I can get breakfast in the late morning or afternoon.

The brunch at the Philbrook’s La Villa Restaurant is probably the most renowned brunch in the city. It is a more traditional spin on brunch, similar to those that you would expect to find in Las Vegas or New York. The delicious omelettes are custom made using fresh vegetables and succulent meats. They offer a huge selection of nearly any breakfast food you can imagine including eggs, biscuits and gravy, a large variety of meats, breads and fresh fruits. This all you can eat buffet brunch runs around $18 a person and is certain to leave you happy. With a great selection of choices in addition to mimosas and an amazing view the Philbrook is a must try for brunch in Tulsa.

La Villa from above

The brunch at The Chalkboard is another favorite brunch around town. The Chalkboard offers a large selection of entrees to choose from for their brunch. They offer many unique selections though two of my favorites are oldies but goodies: The Eggs Benedict and the Stuffed French toast. I also absolutely love the orange juice at the chalkboard.  It is unbelievably fresh!  The atmosphere at The Chalkboard makes you feel as though you were transported to a different time and place. Located in the luxurious and historic Ambassador hotel, The Chalkboard is a wonderful sit down brunch.


The Palace Café, on Cherry Street, is a treasure of a restaurant that not many people seem to be aware of. I love getting brunch here because of the high quality ingredients and uniqueness of the dishes. The menu is not as extensive as some of the other brunches in town, however the Palace Café changes the menu seasonally, which gives you a chance to try a much broader menu base in the long run. I enjoy the green eggs and ham, for my brunch. To me there is something whimsical about ordering a delicious grown up meal named after a children’s book. The Palace Café focuses on using organic and locally grown produce ensuring that their food is made with the freshest ingredients. The Palace Café is a great place to brunch if you are craving an intimate, fine dining experience.

The Brasserie, located on Brookside, is an intimate French restaurant on Brookside known mainly for their romantic dinners. I, however, love their brunch. The food quality is wonderful and the ambiance is perfectly suited for a romantic brunch meal, though larger groups would also be more than comfortable. I enjoy the large selection offered and the wait staff seems to be very knowledgeable. The Brasserie is undoubtedly fine dining and that of course is reflected in the price. The brunch there is marvelous and from my experience you get what you pay for there.

Oliver Twist is Closed :(Located just next door to The Brasserie is Oliver’s Twist. Oliver’s Twist offers not only a fabulous brunch menu including all the breakfast foods I love, but also $10 unlimited mimosas. I love the eggs Benedict here.  It is served with a thick slab of ham topped with delcious holidaise sauce.  I also love the waffles with bacon!  I personally have never had anything but excellent food at Oliver’s Twist, however I have heard many mixed things on both the food and service there. Despite that I enjoy brunch at Oliver’s Twist and I will continue to look to it as a great place to get brunch.



Everyone needs some time in their week to relax, have a fabulous albeit slightly over the top meal and just be with those closest to you. So get out there and support the amazing brunches that we have before more places pull brunch from their menu. Now is the time to brunch it up, Tulsa!

Philbrook’s La Villa
2727 S Rockford Rd
Tulsa, OK 74114-4104
(918) 749-7941

La Villa on Urbanspoon

The Chalkboard
1324 S Main St
Tulsa, OK 74119-3218
(918) 582-1964

Chalkboard Catering on Urbanspoon

The Palace Café
1301 East 15th St S
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 582-4321

Palace Café on Urbanspoon

The Brasserie
3509 S Peoria Ave # 161
Tulsa, OK 74105-2517
(918) 779-7070

Brasserie on Urbanspoon

The Garlic Rose
3509 S Peoria Ave,
(918) 746-4900

Warren Duck Club
6110 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136-1908
(918) 495-1000

Warren Duck Club on Urbanspoon

1413 E 15th St
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 582-8282

Kilkenny's Irish Pub & Eatery on Urbanspoon

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  1. Bomb Food Pictures

    Bomb Food Pictures

    August 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Great blog lbanks! Can’t wait to try all of the places listed. That egg Benedict from Oliver’s Twist looks hot hot hot

  2. Sophie

    August 21, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Oh I love the brunch at the Philbrook and Chalkboard! Oliver’s Twist is good too but I have had some bad service there. Though that picture of the eggs benedict looks fabulous! I need to try that there!

  3. Andrea Lynn

    August 21, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Did you see the butter dripping off the waffles in that video? Awesome! That looks so good! Wish I could taste it through my computer screen!!!

  4. jan

    August 21, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Wow! What a great review! I have not had brunch at any of these places, but I am pretty much sold because of those mouthwatering pictures! Yummmmm……

  5. Theresa

    August 23, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    That was a great article Lauren. Beautiful pictures and very informative. I wish I was there to try some of those places out. Can’t wait till my next trip to Tulsa. It all look good!

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  7. Kate

    August 26, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Don’t forget the Gilcrease. It is $16.95 per person. Mimosas are available. View and food are fantastic.

  8. joiei

    September 2, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    For my dining dollar the BEST brunch in Tulsa is at The Canebrake out by Wagoner. It is only a 45 minute drive from Utica Square and well worth the drive.

    • enid

      October 26, 2009 at 7:31 am

      The Canebrake also has 1/2 price bottle of wine on Thursday. Its lovely around Taylor’s Ferry this time of year too, and Canebrake has a beautimus setting!

  9. Mark Stenner

    October 23, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Great review. Agree withyour thoughts on Palace. It is Tulsa’s gem! Love the grilled cheese and tomato bisque when it’s on the brunch menu….

    My two favorite places for Sunday brunch are Lucky’s on Cherry Street. Awesome chicken fried steak and a waffle to die for. Add $1.99 Mimosas and it’s a great deal.

    I also love Eggs Benedict. Kilkenny’s, also Cherry Street, does an awesome Irish Benny, with Irish bacon, and the Kilmacow with beef and an Irish shiskey sauce is wonderful in the colder months!


  10. Cody Martin

    March 9, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Trula’s Located inside the Mayo Hotel downtown has the best brunch and bottomless Mimosas for a small price. You all really need to try it out!

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  12. joiei

    August 17, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    A new place to recommend for brunch is The Bluestone Steakhouse at 101st and Sheridan. The atmosphere is nice and cozy and the staff were very helpful without being overly friendly. I ordered the classic Eggs Benedict and my dining partner ordered the special of the day, a beautiful crab meat filled omelet. The benedict was just about perfect, the eggs were not over poached but nice and runny and the hollandaise sauce was the real deal. The omelet was even better, filled with crab. Both were served with potatoes that had been cooked with some onion and bell peppers. Also good. I am now wanting to go try their weekday lunch menu and their dinner menu considering the quality of the food we had at brunch.

  13. Lauren

    March 1, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    The best place I have been to for brunch is the brunch buffet (yes I said buffet) at the Gilcrease Museum. My husband and I ate there for about $25 a person including a drink. They had Prime Rib, Salmon, Chicken, and some wonderful desserts and a lot more. You should check it out, it’s well worth the money.

    • Annie

      March 7, 2012 at 5:31 pm

      Their Chef has always been great. I’d expect nothing less than awesome food from him, even on a buffet!

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