TulsaFood Readers Vote: Best Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

By on June 22, 2017

TulsaFood recently took an online poll asking our readers where they would take an out-of-town guest who wanted to experience the Tulsa food scene, but only had time for one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner. The results are in and we compiled them here in a summary of the top eateries in each category along with a list of each restaurant that received votes. All in all, more than 150 different independently owned restaurants were named as the number one place where a Tulsa area local would take a friend for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That alone shows how much Tulsa has grown into a city with incredible culinary diversity, quality, talent, and original concepts. Here are the results of our online polling.

~ Breakfast ~

Breakfast was the most evenly competitive of any of the categories, but the top three in this poll narrowly edged out the rest of the field. Congratulations to Wild Fork, Dilly Diner, and Savoy.

1. Wild Fork

Wild Fork is located in Utica Square at 21st and Utica. This Tulsa institution is over 20 years young with peaceful patio dining outside and walls filled with the work of local artists inside. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each day, but they topped the list for the breakfast experience they offer. Try one of their breakfast pizzas, perfectly prepared omelets, their famous Wild Fork Hash, or Croque Monsieur for weekend brunch.

2. Dilly Diner

Dilly Diner is a fairly new concept by the McNellie’s Restaurant Group that is anchored in the Blue Dome District. While maintaining a commitment to sourcing the best and most fresh ingredients (something not very common in a diner), Dilly Diner is one of the most approachable restaurants for families of any size or ages. The Frittata of the Day will never disappoint and will give you a opportunity to experience how the chefs creatively use their seasonal ingredients. And, if you like chicken and waffles, you will find that that Dilly Diner does it perfectly.

3. Savoy

Savoy dominated the South Tulsa Vote and operates close to 61st and Sheridan. Four generations ago, in 1925, a Greek immigrant named Nick Kelamis opened the Kelamis Café in Tulsa which became a local favorite at 2nd and Boston. In 1954, the family changed the name to Savoy as it remains today. This is one of the great stories of the American dream coming true that our city can cherish. For the full story click here. As for the food, it is classic, high-level, homestyle cooking and you will enjoy anything you order. We like to build our own omelet, order at least a 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy, and our staff favorite “Skillet” dish, the chorizo. Also, if you have a choice, go on Saturday. It’s the only day they offer their eclairs and cream puffs.

Additional Tulsa restaurants receiving votes for #1 breakfast destination.
Antoniette’s Bakery, Tally’s, Breakfast By Day, Chimera, Bramble, Freeway Diner, Blue Moon Cafe’, Queenie’s, 624 Kitchen, Chalkboard, SMOKE, Lucky’s, Kilkenny’s, Ol’Vine, All About Cha, Esperance Bakery, Foolish Things, Coffee House on Cherry Street, Toast, Trail’s End, First Watch, Phillbrook, Topeca at the Mayo, The Cookhouse (“Mom’s”) Hurt’s, Egg it On, Cafe Seville.
(note: some on this list only offer brunch on Saturday and/or Sunday)

Lunch ~

Voters leaned heavily toward these top five, but the full list of each restaurant nominated was by far the most diverse and extensive of any category. Congratulations to Burn Co., Lassalle’s, Lone Wolf, Andolini’s, and Stonehorse!

1. Burn Co.

Burn Co. has a been cult sensation for BBQ lovers in Tulsa since 2011. They are at 18th and Boston, are open Tuesday – Saturday for lunch, and offer a full bar. These masters of Q have become famous in town for cooking over charcoal on Hasty-Bake grills that are built right here in Tulsa. They are most known for their pork ribs and signature “fatty”. But locals also know this is the place to pick up steaks cut to order and Burn Co.’s house made sausages. Also, there is more good news for Jenks residents and all of us who love the Riverwalk. Burn Co. will soon be opening a second location there that will also offer dinner service!

2. Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli (tie for second)

When owners Chris and Amanda West moved back to Tulsa from the New Orleans area after Katrina, they had a dream of bringing a true New Orleans style po’ boy eatery to downtown Tulsa. Eventually, they landed downtown at 5th and Main where they serve sandwiches, soups, and beer to happy patrons enjoying what they can only experience at Lassalle’s. Chris and Amanda bring in fresh ingredients, including their bread, from Louisiana, and anyone familiar with the Big Easy will immediately know what separates Lassalle’s from all other sandwich joints in Tulsa. Their fried shrimp po’ boy with signature “Wow sauce” has become a thing of legend and many people have found it difficult to ever order a Muffuletta anywhere else after trying Lassalle’s.

2. Lone Wolf (tie for second)

What began as Tulsa’s most popular food truck in 2012 (to arguably the present) has grown into a successful brick and mortar location on Rt 66 at 11th and Harvard. Lone Wolf brings delicious Vietnamese fusion cuisine with big flavors and pure creativity. No one should leave Tulsa without having a bahn mi, kimchi fries, and a rice bowl, so be kind to your friends. Led by owner Philip Phillips, Lone Wolf also has announced plans to add a downtown location soon.

3. Andolini’s (tie for third)

Andolini’s was founded and is owned by two brothers, Jim & Mike Bausch. The Bausch brothers started making pies with a passion for quality and authenticity that was evident from the very beginning. They first opened a storefront in Owasso and soon those in-the-know were driving from all over the Tulsa Metro area to enjoy a level of pizza that they had previously experienced in markets such as New York City, and all over Italy itself. Andolini’s quickly expanded to their second location on Cherry Street, and now has Broken Arrow and Riverwalk locations in addition to their food truck. Pro tip – ask to add their house smoked fresh mozzarella to your pizza of choice!

3. Stonehorse Cafe (tie for third)

Stonehorse is another legendary, chef-driven, full service restaurant in Utica Square that focuses on French and American inspired dishes. Stonehorse also has their own fresh market where you can buy the ingredients yourself to take home and cook, or step inside to impress your out-of-town guest with a lunch or dinner they will not forget. Stonehorse Cafe also received votes for #1 dinner destination in Tulsa.
muslces stonehorse(photo: Stonehorse FB)

Additional Tulsa restaurants receiving votes for #1 lunch destination.

Trencher’s, Killkenny’s, Tallgrass, Tavolo, Laffa, Prairie Brewpub, SMOKE, Sisserou’s, Juniper, Yokozuna, El Rio Verde, Elote, White River, Calaveras, Fat Guy’s, R Bar, The Brook, Coney Island, Cosmo, Freddie’s BBQ (Sapulpa), JINYA, Brother’s Houligan, Claud’s, Elgin Park, Evelyn’s, Calaveras, El Rancho Grande, McNellie’s, Knotty Pig, STG Pizzeria, Mod’s, Oklahoma Style BBQ, Phat Philly’s, Wild Fork, Tacos Don Fransisco, Boston Deli, Bill’s Jumbo Burgers, Brownie’s, Bricktown Brewery, Cacy’s BBQ, The Cookhouse (Mom’s), El Guapo’s, Elmer’s, India Palace, La Madeline, Lambrusco’s, Leon’s Smoke Shack, Mac’s BBQ, Mandarin Taste, Mr. Nice Guys, My Thai Kitchen, Hammett House, Neives’ Mexican Grill, Oklahoma Joe’s, Old School Bagel, Oliveto, Osaka, Phil’s, Ri Lei’s, Ricardo’s Mexican, Roka, Roppongi Ramen, Rubicon’s, Rusty Crane, Siegi’s, Silver Skillet, Sweet Lisa’s, Trails End BBQ, Ted’s Escondido, Western Country Diner, Pure Food and Juice, Wanda J’s, Phil’s, Steak Stuffers, Cafe Ole.

~ Dinner ~

Fifty-six different restaurants were voted on by our readers for #1 dinner destination to take an out-of-town guest. From the newest places like Maryn’s Raw Bar and Ol’Vine to the all-time classics like Celebrity Club and Molly’s Landing, this list of 56 represents the best of what the Tulsa dining dinner scene offers.

1. SMOKE on Cherry Street

SMOKE opened on 15th street in 2010 and is currently planning to expand to second location in downtown Owasso. They have won several awards for their innovative, American inspired dishes, along with their unique concept that includes a hermetically sealed cigar lounge. The proteins and many of the vegetables are prepared on their wood-fire grill and everything is made from scratch from their kitchen. Further, the menus changes regularly depending on the availability of certain ingredients. SMOKE is open for lunch and dinner on the weekdays and brunch on the weekends, and also received votes in those categories.

2. Sisserou’s

One of the things that may surprise your friends from out of town is that one of Tulsa’s most beloved restaurants opened just 3 years ago in the Brady Arts District at Archer and Main and features authentic Caribbean cuisine. The family that opened this island-inspired concept is from Dominica, and they bring and the most authentic Caribbean you can imagine. It’s not surprising that they landed at the top of this list as Sisserou’s is a popular place to treat an out-of-town guest or new friend in town to a style of cuisine that they may not expect. Their Jerk Chicken, Oxtail Stew, and Rasta Pasta dishes are among the local favorites, but we also highly recommend asking for Chef Eben’s daily dinner fish special. You are sure to be extremely pleased with his creation!  Sisserou’s also received votes in the #1 lunch destination category.

3. Bull in the Alley (tie)

This new restaurant is known for the iron bull that is mounted above the entrance which is located in the back of the building in an alley just east of the Tavern in the Brady Arts District. Behind the door is a world of hidden glamour, combining medieval black oak paneling with a art deco bar and tables straight out of a 1920’s speakeasy. The expert bartenders, all dressed in a bow tie, white shirt and suspenders, know the lost art of making the perfect martini. There’s a menu of hearty appetizers and a fish special. But, you go for the steak. The star of the show is the porterhouse for two. The aged USDA Prime porterhouse for two is slathered in butter, then cooked to perfection in a 1400 degree oven. Then the beef is sliced for service and the tasty mixture of butter and carnal juices is poured on each slice. From the ambiance and service to the product, this has proven to be one of Tulsa’s absolutely top-shelf dining experiences.
look 4 bull

4. PRHYME (tie)

PRHYME is a premium steakhouse that is more than just a steakhouse. They are part of the Justin Thompson Restaurant Group which includes Juniper, Tavolo, 624 Kitchen, and Mix Co. You will be doing your out-of-town guest a disservice if you do not take them to at least one JTR restaurant. Chef Thompson is one of the most well-known and well-respected culinary talents in Tulsa and truly extends excellence to the craft of hospitality. PRHYME is most well known for their Prime, hand selected, house butchered beef offerings that are raised and finished in different ways (grass-fed, grain-fed, dry-aged, and wet-aged). Also – insider tip: If you are fan of duck, our staff’s opinion is that PRHYME has the absolute best Smoked Duck Breast dish in the city.

Additional Tulsa restaurants receiving votes for #1 Dinner location:
Stonehorse, Tavern, Laffa, Doc’s, Tropical, Juniper, Yokozuna, White River, Elote, Amelia’s, Lanna Thai, Tallgrass, Lucky’s, Palace Cafe, Tavolo, Delesandro’s, Ti Amo, Bohemian Pizzeria, Charleston’s, In the Raw, Jamil’s, Mahogany, Maryn’s Raw Bar, Polo Grill, Red Rock Canyon Grill, Roosevelt’s, ol’Vine, Tucci’s, The Vault, Bodean, Caz’s, Celebrity Club, D’Vina, Fassler Hall, French Hen, Hodges Bend, Mary’s Tratorria, Mcgill’s, McNellie’s, Molly’s Landing, Cafe Ole, JINYA, Summit Club, Blue Rose, Cardigan’s, El Guapo’s, KEO, Michael V’s, Roka, Spudder, Talliano’s, Villa Ravenna.


Thank you all for your votes and support of locally owned and operated eateries. We are thankful and proud to be able to help promote the discovery of all the culinary delights that Tulsa offers!

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