If you’ve read my recent review of Stonehorse…

By on July 19, 2012

If you’ve read my recent review of Stonehorse Cafe, you’ll know that Tim Inman is still at the top of his game. Two recent dinners have shown that Michael Fusco, who recently joined Stonehorse’s team, has made Stonehorse even better. One Friday night I had ivory salmon — flesh as soft as cream and as white as snow — with a classic French sauce made with champagne and cream. The rich sauce had somehow caramelized — perhaps it was a sweet wine — and that made it even better. Luscious grilled shrimp studded the sauce. Later I told Mr. Fusco that the sauce seemed to be his style of cooking. Yes, he said, I invented it.

Last night I had a pork chop. It was glazed with chipotle, covered with macerated fresh corn with a few hot peppers thrown in, and served on a bed of pureed corn. Another Fusco invention. The flavor was amazing. I wanted to lick the plate.

Stonehorse Cafe
Utica Square
Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday. Lunch served until at least 4 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.

My big Stonehorse review: http://tulsafood.com/fine-dining/tim-inmans-stonehorse-reveals-a-master-at-work

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