Trails End BBQ: Life Changing Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, & Bread Pudding

By on July 17, 2014

If you live in Owasso, you know all about it. Trails End BBQ and Grill was founded in 1997 by a man named John Cash. I grew up in Owasso, so I have not only been able to enjoy John’s mastered Q countless times over last 17 years, but I’ve also seen what John and Trails End have meant to the community. John won’t talk about it, but I will. I’ve seen the man feed, at his time and expense, so many people in so many different situations that I’ve lost count – ball teams, families who have lost loved ones, families in need around the holidays, community events, and the list goes on. And, for me, that makes Trails End and enjoying delicious BBQ there all the more special.


John smokes his brisket, ribs, pork butt and chicken to absolute perfection on a massive, WELL seasoned Southern Pride Smoker.


Although TulsaFood is just highlighting a couple lunch and dinner options, Trails End also serves up a popular breakfast menu as well 6:30am-10:30am Monday-Friday and 6:30am-11am on Saturday.


I can personally recommend everything on the menu, but here are the 3 dishes and the dessert I cannot get away from.


First, the ribs. Order up the dinner portion and you will enjoy 4-5 tender and meaty pork spares with Texas toast and a couple sides of your choice for $12.59. The ribs are served up dry rubbed, the way God intended. The locals will tell you that Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 4pm-8pm is the time to go to Trails End for ribs. Why? For the same price on those nights John serves up all you can eat ribs. Seriously, he walks around keeping your plate full of ribs till you can’t take it anymore. Come hungry.

Pulled Pork

Next, the pulled pork. I order the pulled pork sandwich ($6.99 with one side) about every other time I dine at Trails End. Here’s my personal ritual, feel free to copy: (1) Order the pulled pork with a side broccoli salad and fried okra. (2) Ask for a side of the hot BBQ sauce. (3) When plate is delivered tell your server “thank you” then eat a couple pieces of the fried okra. (4) Remove the top bun. (5) Dump the broccoli salad on the pulled pork. (6) Generously apply a 50/50 combination of the Trails End house mild and hot BBQ sauce. (7) Place the top bun back on the sandwich (8) Eat it.


Next the Original RamWich. This is the all time classic at Trails End, and it’s a bad boy. Piled high on Texas toast is chopped brisket, bologna, and hot link (or sausage). $9.79 and worth every penny.

Bread Pudding

Finally, the dessert that should not be missed. John can satisfy that sweet tooth as well. His signature homemade bread pudding is topped with sweet and rich rum sauce and powdered sugar. If your significant other is not with you when you are dining at Trails End, take my advise and take one these home to them. Then see what happens. You’re welcome.

Trails End BBQ and Grill
8888 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK 74055

(918) 272-RIBS (7427)

Breakfast: 6:30am-10:30am M-F 6:30am-11am Saturday
Lunch: 10:30am-2pm
Dinner: 4pm-8pm
Closed Sunday

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