The Rub BBQ Food Truck: Top shelf BBQ

By on September 4, 2015

Joel Bein and Chris Wygle came across a food trailer for sale last year and knew that it was fate for them to open up The Rub Truck. Joel had been cooking all of his life and was ready to turn that hobby into a way of life. I am so glad that Joel and Chris’s dream came into fruition!


You may have seen the truck at Tuesday Eats or somewhere else around town, but starting September 12th, The Rub Truck will be a permanent fixture at The Park in the Pearl. Joel and Chris have partnered with Josh Lynch to open Tulsa’s first food truck park at 4th and Peoria.  Rub will feature a new full brunch menu every Sunday and I cannot wait to go! The Rub Truck is definitely worth visiting on multiple occasions. They, like many other trucks in town, also do private caterings.

The first thing I tried was the Cuban Sandwich. Don’t let the name fool you. This is not your average Cuban that comes with swiss, ham, roasted pork, pickles and yellow mustard. “I like to start off with a traditional method or concept and then twist it,” Joel said to me. The Rub Truck version takes this delicious classic to a whole new level. Instead of ham and roasted pork, they load it with brisket and pulled pork. The sandwich was served with a deliciously refreshing watermelon and feta salad.


My next dish was the Brisket Sandwich with purple slaw. The brisket is cooked for fourteen hours, redefining the expression “labor of love”. Despite the simplicity of this dish, it really was all about the meat. The meat was far from simple– it was packed with rich flavors and so juicy that the meat practically melts in your mouth.


After sampling these two dishes, I couldn’t imagine finding something else that I liked more on the menu. No. I was 100% wrong. The last dish was undeniably my favorite. The Brisket Tacos are what made my tastebuds dance. Three tacos come in an order. The brisket is topped with jalapeño slaw, which added a nice texture and kick to the meat. There are two different sauces to put on any of their food items. There is a mild BBQ sauce and also a deliciously tangy white sauce. I used both of the sauces on everything and they blended together nicely with the flavors in every dish I tried.


Love BBQ but craving something veggie? No problem. There are always vegetarian options on the menu. The consistently available option is the smoked and grilled portobello mushrooms as tacos or in a sandwich. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Rub BBQ Truck 
(918) 896-3781

Monique Garmy

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