Are Chinese buffets a thing of the past?

By on June 10, 2009

Latest visit to New World Buffet…

I have noticed that over the years Chinese buffets in Tulsa have been getting worse. I don’t know if it is objectively related to the lost quality of such buffets or I myself have been getting pickier about food and décor lately. Nevertheless, it has become difficult for me to enjoy any of the Chinese buffets you can find in Tulsa. My last trip to New World Buffet on 71st & Mingo was anything, but enjoyable. Our business ( is located not very far and we go to different places for lunch and dinner in a 3 mile radius all the time.

It was lunch time and it was raining that day. My wife and I were hungry. Since we had not been to any buffets for a long time we decided to go to New World Buffet. The restaurant was relatively full of people filling themselves with food. A hostess took us to a table which was freshly wiped and therefore its surface was still wet requiring a few dry napkins to make it feel like a clean table again. We ordered ice water and went to get the food. And, that’s is where a big surprise was awaiting. The floor around the tables with food was completely wet. People were walking around very carefully, some were slipping and no signs ’Wet Floor’ were observed. Since we had never seen anything like this at a restaurant we had to ask why the floor was wet. The answer was: ’They are always wet when it’s raining’. Because we were inside the building I was so stunned by this curious explanation that I forgot to ask ’How have you been avoiding people slipping and falling down on it all this time?’ I thought about it later, when I was trying to digest my food that was obviously so salty (or contained so much MSG) that I had to drink five or six large glasses of water during the remainder of the day. How the heck could they avoid being sued?

I have to be honest and say that the Mongolian BBQ was OK. It was something I personally enjoyed. As for the rest of the food, it was questionable, to say at least. We tried Sushi which was obviously a Chinese version of this dish and had nothing to do with its Japanese namesake. Deserts were pretty good combined with some fresh fruit. However, I don’t know anybody who would go to a Chinese buffet for the deserts. We finished our meal and wholeheartedly agreed to never come here again.

Sorry that Tulsa has lost its grounds in Chinese restaurants. Let’s hope that someday we will be able to enjoy good Chinese cuisine again, and plenty of it!

New World Buffet

10808 E 71st St
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 250-5666

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