In The Raw Sushi

Enters the Rose District

Small black tables, low hanging lights, and a modern “hip” atmosphere greet you as you walk through the front door of In The Raw, located on Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Immediately, I reached for my camera. This place was a perfectionists’ dream. Every red napkin and silverware set was perpendicularly placed on the low square tables.

Straight ahead, a sushi bar stood illuminated by globular droplights, contrasted by vibrant, Japanese inspired artwork. It opened in September of 2014 and is one of four In The Raw restaurants in Oklahoma, located in the heart of the Rose District. In The Raw Broken Arrow has played an instrumental role in leading the revitalization of Main Street. Owner Amy Leet loves the “hip, vibrant atmosphere” that the restaurant brings to Broken Arrow.

After a delicious shot of refreshing Tyke Cucumber Sake, I watched the chef prepare a Rose District Roll. It was like watching an artist paint a masterpiece. He fanned the sliced roll into a circle, dotted each piece with spicy sauce, and dusted the roll with seven-spice powder. He swirled eel sauce, topped with micro-greens, and voila! The crispy tempura shrimp, tangy cream cheese, crunchy sesame seeds, and mouth watering spicy sauce created a perfect bite.

Next, the Volcano Roll. Maybe they named it this because of the lava-like spiciness of the scallop topping? The flavor explosion was remarkable. The crunch of the jalapeno, the buttery avocado, and the succulent, spicy scallop topping all compliment each other. I almost licked my chopsticks…then I realized I could always eat another piece.

We tried one last dish, the Blackened Halibut Cabo Tacos: a slightly charred tortilla was wrapped around tender white halibut, crisp lettuce, and spicy Serrano aioli. Delicious.

The chef focuses on “nice visual plating”, which was evident in each dish that we tried. The one-year anniversary of In The Raw Broken Arrow was a huge success, and the restaurant is looking forward to many more years to come! General Manager Chrystyle Curtiss mentioned that fifty percent of the customers come in at least once a week. After this wonderful dinner, we can see why guests keep coming back for more!

216 S Main St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 893-6111
Lunch & Dinner

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