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The folks at Ediblend Cafe want to transform your mind. But they’ll be happy to convert your palate first. Located in Utica Square, Ediblend, is the brainchild of Rich and Piper Kacere, along with her sister, Amy Murray. The cafe specializes in nutritious blended drinks and a select assortment of small Grab and Go vegan salads.

A blended drink includes all the vitamins and fiber from the original fruit or vegetable, unlike a traditional juice made by squeezing. There are no processed sugars or dairy products, making it a nutrient-dense and vegan-friendly drink.

In addition, all menu items are made from the freshest organic produce and herbs, locally sourced whenever possible. According to Piper, “Rich and I have been juicing for the past ten years. All our drink recipes have been created from years of experience.”

Their menu contains a wide selection drinks – that can either be made while you wait or for the time-crunched, purchased from the Grab and Go refrigerator case. There’s a drink for every mood: their range of offerings extends from the refreshing and zingy Tropical Orange to the thick, protein-rich Sexy Yowza. Each drink is bursting with complex layers of flavors, enticing you to take one sip after another. (I think my favorite is the Peach Perfect, a mildly sweet blend that incorporates spinach, cucumber, pineapple, peaches, ginger and coconut water.)

Ediblend offers a signature 1-day cleanse and a 3-day cleanse consisting of carefully selected drinks for each day. This popular program includes detailed instructions to guide you through the process, and help you incorporate a healthy lifestyle once you have rebooted your system. The staff is happy to help you personalize your selection of drinks to fit your tastes.

Conveniently located in their refrigerator case, Ediblend Grab and Go salads are vegan (with the exception of parmesan cheese on the kale salad) and completely gluten-free–even down to the gluten-free the soy sauce used in some of their dressings. They currently offer the Kale Salad, a Hummus BowlBean Salad, ‘Taco’ Salad and Brussel Sprout Salad.

It should also be noted that co-owner, Rich Kacere, a full-time cardiologist employed at St. John’s Hospital, blogs extensively on their website where he regularly dispenses helpful science-based wisdom on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kacere believes that what we put in our bodies has wide repercussions on not only our energy levels, but also our emotions and behavior, and ultimately our mindsets. Be sure to grab a Ginger or Tumeric shot on your way out for a quick immune boost–tasty and amazingly effective to cure a scratchy throat!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite Ediblend treat: the Acai Bowls. These unique, dairy-free parfaits have layers of granola and frozen acai ‘sorbet’, topped with fresh fruit. They have three different bowls – Chocolate, Tropical and Original. You’d swear this can’t be healthy, but even the drizzle of honey on top is fresh and locally sourced- -Yum!

The folks at Ediblend are excited to expand their reach and convenience to the Tulsa area with their delivery truck. This vehicle will visit local corporations, doctors’ offices and ultimately schools, with a selection of specially ordered cleanses for businesses who are eager to increase the health of their employees through group participation. The truck will also include a selection of their menu items for additional purchase.

Ediblend has partnered with several yoga and fitness studios and is always on the lookout for future affiliations. Plus, they also have a fresh grab and go kiosk at the Mother Road Market and a second location in South Tulsa.

Article by: Lisa Wei-Haas

2050 Utica Square, Tulsa, OK 74114
(918) 991-1717
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