What began as a “let’s-see-how-it-goes” restaurant adventure has evolved into a favorite Tulsa eatery that is bigger – and better – than ever. Chris and Amanda West expanded Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli in... Read More
Though the original plan to use the hull of an old navy landing ship tank (or LST as they call it) didn’t make it off the concept board, the name,... Read More
Amidst the technological clatter of Apple launching the iTunes Music Store, while Alan Jackson and Norah Jones each earned honors for vocalist of the year, while Tampa Bay soundly defeated... Read More
Lone Wolf Bahn Mi has cultivated a pack of ravenous followers that stalks their trucks through the streets of Tulsa, hell-bent on satisfying their craving for kimchi fries. The trucks have... Read More
This is the story of how the husband and wife team, Trey and Christina Winkle, followed their dream to open Levain Kitchen and Bakery while maintaining balance and romance. It’s been a... Read More
In the mood for good Thai food made from recipes perfected over generations? Just visit Lanna Thai, where the menu goes on for miles and the food is so tasty... Read More
Even more than the décor, exciting menus, and exotic drinks, I love the feel of a restaurant. It’s more sensory than sensibility. It’s the feeling of the embrace upon returning... Read More
To enter Kirin is to be transported from the bustling 81st and Mingo corridor to a rich, elegant and sophisticated world of flavor and service. It’s a place that restores... Read More
Some call them sandwiches.  Others call them subs. Still, others call them Grinders, Po’boys or even Heroes. Jay Cundy calls them “hoagies”, a name used to describe his built-to-order creations, made in... Read More
Small black tables, low hanging lights, and a modern “hip” atmosphere greet you as you walk through the front door of In The Raw, located on Main Street in Broken Arrow,... Read More
If I squint, I can make out the long sign of the Rialto Theater that flanks the right of the sepia-toned photograph.  If I scan my eyes across the photo,... Read More
Sam Keesh is the owner of Hero’s Subs & Burgers with his wife and three sons. His casual eatery has been a North Tulsa landmark since 1984, but what makes it truly exceptional... Read More

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