Antoinette Baking Co.

Let them Eat Cake!…and so much more

If you have driven through Brookside on any Friday night during the past couple of years, you would have noticed a long line of people waiting for a perfectly crafted slice of pie during “Pie Night” at Antoinette Baking Company. Nowadays, that long line is comfortably seated among the charming booths and dining tables at the new Antoinette’s location in the Brady Arts District. By expanding into a larger building, the bakery has blossomed. Antoinette Baking Company now has a brunch, lunch, liquor, and dessert menu that will make you say “oui, oui”. They are open seven days a week, with later hours on the weekends to accommodate the “night out” sweet tooth. Owner Molly Martinis bubbly and charismatic with an immense passion for the French classic dessert, macarons.

Molly Martin and Andrea Mohn are childhood best friends with a passion for baking. Molly makes the macarons, Andrea bakes the bread and bars, and another master of pastries, Leah, bakes the cakes. Each member of the Antoinette’s team specializes in a particular type of baked good, which allows every employee to shine. “My right arm is bigger than my left arm,” Molly chuckles, “because of all of the mixing for the macarons.” A true artist, Molly dedicated herself to these French delights for an entire year. Each week, she perfected a new flavor combination. Her heart is truly invested in this beautiful bakery.

A baker’s life is hectic, and most of their work occurs while the world is still sleeping. Batter has to be mixed, dough has to rise, crust has to cool, and fillings have to set. All of these actions begin at an early 3:30 a.m. Baking is an exact science, so to keep the bakers awake during the wee hours of the morning, good coffee is a necessity.

My latte was truly phenomenal, with a slight bitterness to the espresso and a delicately swirled foam heart design. Coffee and sweets is a match made in heaven, so I dove my fork into a miniature white cake with blackberry filling. I’m telling you, there is no substitute for a sweet and tart combination. The spongy white cake was pillowy and sweet, sandwiching the fresh, tart blackberry filling. The zing paired perfectly with a piped swirl of sugary icing. A three-layer fork maneuver gathered all of the flavors into the perfect bite.

Knowing that Antoinette’s brunch scene is the current talk of the town, I couldn’t walk past the potato quiche. The thinly sliced potatoes were slightly crispy on top and tender throughout the layers. The warm, eggy, cheddar filling was comforting and soft. The crimped crust flaked and crunched flawlessly.

There is a true art to baking, whether in determining flavor combinations or perfecting piping techniques. The team at Antoinette’s is passionate and hardworking, qualities that are portrayed in their delicious baked goods. Come by the new location in the Brady Arts District for Macaron Happy Hour on Thursdays from 5-8, featuring champagne cocktails and a wide selection of beer and wines. Don’t miss Fancy PB&J Wednesday, Grilled Cheese Friday, and Pie Night on Friday!!

207 N Main St, Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 764-8404
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