About Us

We have always felt that to really get to know our city is to experience it through its vibrant food scene. There’s something magical about the food community here and we’re excited to watch it continue to grow and evolve.

Evan & Valerie Wei-Haas

TulsaFood’s mission is to inspire its readers to visit local restaurants, experiment with new cuisines, and enjoy amazing dining experiences in the Tulsa area.

TulsaFood is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Evan and Valerie Wei-Haas. Valerie is an established local photographer and videographer who has years of experience capturing food and restaurants and Evan has worked as a marketing consultant and website designer for a myriad of restaurants in the Tulsa area. They both share a mutual love of food and a passion for helping promote the local restaurants that make the Tulsa food scene truly special. 

TulsaFood enlists a handful of talented writers to help tell the stories of the restaurants we love. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to chat. Please reach out directly to [email protected].

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