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I was digging into a pile of lamb chops strewn with green leaves and covered with a fiery red sauce mottled with specks of brown. “I can’t name all these incredible flavors,... Read More
What began as a “let’s-see-how-it-goes” restaurant adventure has evolved into a favorite Tulsa eatery that is bigger – and better – than ever. Chris and Amanda West expanded Lassalle’s New Orleans Deli in... Read More
The humble street taco has taken on a variety of forms across Tulsa. Using the timeless and simple formula of tortilla + protein + veggies + cheese, chefs are creating... Read More
It’s a beautiful day in the heart of the Tulsa Arts District. Before walking into the unassuming cafe at 212 N Main St., I lingered at the sight of Tulsa’s... Read More
Amidst the technological clatter of Apple launching the iTunes Music Store, while Alan Jackson and Norah Jones each earned honors for vocalist of the year, while Tampa Bay soundly defeated... Read More
Imagine it is late on a work night and you’re charged with picking up dinner somewhere in South Tulsa.  Where can you go for a hot, fresh meal that offers... Read More

People Behind the Plates

The stories of Tulsa Chefs and Restaurateurs

Len Wade has been with Ike’s Chili for over 10 years, we wanted to find out a little more about his chili history and his part in the Ike’s Chili... Read More
Chef Teri Fermo is the owner and executive chef of Bohemia Moveable Feast and Jezebel food truck. She has been a pioneer of the farm-to-truck concept in Tulsa for the... Read More
Meet the husband and wife duo behind two of Tulsa’s favorites, Trencher’s Delicatessan and Shades of Brown Coffee Shop. Melinda is a potter and makes all the mugs for Shades... Read More

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