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By on January 8, 2016

2015 was another amazing year for the Tulsa food scene. We saw exciting new concepts open, certain restaurants successfully re-invent themselves, record breaking philanthropy, and further downtown development. Over the past week, our staff has looked back over the hundreds of dishes that we enjoyed and reviewed over 2015 and have chosen 12 of our most delightful discoveries as we journeyed through over 100 local eateries in the Tulsa area last year.


Cuisse de Lapin Chicken by Chef Vincent DePaul Tran at Millicent Brasserie

“As delighted as we are by the previous dishes, the main course really is a fine representation of Chef Vincent’s dedication, skill, and creativity. The “Cuisse de Lapin Chicken” was set with a brilliant combination of silky truffle mashed potatoes, honey combi-roasted carrots, caramelized apple paper, sautéed wine & balsamic portobellos, arugula and alfalfa sprout petite salad and drizzled with a 72-hour brandy wine sauce. I take a quick glance around the room to most everyone captivated by and thoroughly enjoying this main dish. The mashed potatoes could not have been more accurately described. This amalgamation of sweet, savory, crispy, and silky absolutely seals the deal, and dessert has yet to be served!” – TulsaFood Staff



Southwest Chipotle Apple Sandwich and Hot German Potato Salad from DragonMoon Tea Co. 

“Roasted red peppers, tart, crisp green apples, melted Gouda cheese and homemade chipotle mayo sauce piled atop housemade sourdough bread make this sandwich irresistible. Best to enjoy it warm, when the cheese is still gooey. Grandpa’s family recipe comes from Germany, is sweet and tangy with tender potato chunks and mouthwatering Raisin River bacon, and is served perfectly warm for quick feasting. “We might have the best Hot German Potato Salad in town,” Sara says. They’re bold words, but you know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” – Megan Shepherd 

eggplant dish

Egg Plant Dish from Krazy Olive 

“If you go for dinner, the homemade Mediterranean Platters are a must. I tried ‘the egg plant dish’, a thick and creamy entrée of layered roasted eggplant and ground Black Angus beef, topped with the house tomato sauce. It comes with a side of Mediterranean style rice and of course is drizzled in olive oil.” – Margaret Vasileva


Stuffed and Grilled Quail from Tallgrass Prairie Table 

“Prosciutto de Parma, wild garlic stuffing, mushroom, kale and goat cheese napoleon and a spicy pickled tomato in a sherry demi-glace. Any day could be made better by this delicious dish.”- Maurie Traylor 


Long Island Duck Breast from The Chalkboard 

” Long Island duck breast served over duck fat polenta and sauteed Chinese broccoli, with a blueberry compote. The duck, of course, is the star of the show. It is cold-smoked (under 75 degrees) and then chilled. Some of the fat is rendered and then, just before it’s served, it’s sauteed to order. All this gives the meat an incredibly rich juicy flavor with hints of smoke and wood. The other components of the dish were fine, especially the blueberries, but to be honest the duck was so magnificent that I barely noticed anything else.” – Brian Schwartz


Pho from Pho Nhi 

“I have been a fanatic of Pho since childhood, but because I had Quan as my personal guide for the experience, I wanted to go for the most traditional bowl at Pho Nhi. He recommended the Pho Dac Biet or The Special. This soup of thin rice noodles came with what I am accustomed to: round steak and beef meatballs, as well as a few meats traditionally found in pho: brisket, tendon and tripe.”- Margaret Vasileva


Octopus Carpaccio from Yokozuna

“At the recommendation of the manager, we also ordered the Octopus Carpaccio, served with garlic infused grape seed oil, yuzu, soy and cilantro. This dish ended up being my pick of the evening! If you are an octopus fan of any kind or if you are looking for a new adventure, give this dish a try. It was exquisite!” – Tiffany Poe 

shrimp caribe

Shrimp Caribe from Cafe Ole

” The Shrimp Caribe was delightfully sweet with seven shrimp sautéed in garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, onion and peppers, served over rice. ” – Kelley Legget



Halibut Filet from Bodean (not pictured – picture coming soon)


“Could be the best dish of the year. Chef Antonio Godoy’s new creation at Bodean is a definite contender. A halibut filet is topped with a thin slice of well-buttered homemade bread, then baked. The bread seals in moisture and the butter melts and spreads its goodness. Underneath is a ragout of trumpet mushrooms and rock shrimp with meat demi-glace. The dabs of “shaving cream” are sabayon sauce. Tony has reconfigured this traditional dessert sauce, substituting 4-year aged gouda for sugar, to make it the perfect complement to the fish.” – Brian Schwartz


Lobster Tail from Molly’s Landing 

“While Molly’s is most typically known as one of the best steakhouses in Tulsa, I was most pleased to find they offer a 10 – 12 ounce Lobster Tail with a baked potato, salad and dinner breads for only $24.  Deliciously prepared with savory garlic butter sauce, this deal seems too good to be true but it’s available every evening at Molly’s Landing.”- Maurie Traylor 


Local Sausage from Bohemian Pizzeria

“We decided to go with the Local Sausage Pizza, the name attracted me and I was not disappointed when I started reading the ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes and sauce, Tulsa’s own Burn Co Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and imported Italian Mozzarella Di Bufala cheese. The sausage was the main star on this delicious, supreme-style pizza with the red peppers and onions complimenting the savory, smoky flavors of the Burn Co sausage. Fantastic, and a steal at just over $10 with the happy hour discount.” – Andrew Howard


Double Bone Pork Chop from The Tavern 

“Here’s the Double Bone Pork Chop. Now pork chops are definitely a part of the Tavern tradition. Ben and Mark have taken the chop to a new level of goodness. It used to be that the first 5 or 6 customers each night could order the prized double bone chop, so thick that if you imagine the vegetables as barbarian invaders, the chop towered above them like the Great Wall of China. Now this unbelievably thick chop is all they serve. “If you grill that baby,” says Ben, “it will be all dried out and the middle will still be raw. So we sous-vide it at 135 degrees, then give it a good hard sear and it’s done. It’s simple, it’s easy and when you bite into it you get first the crisp sweet apple slices, then the crunch of pistachios, and then — BANG — the perfect pork.” – Brian Schwartz

Curry Dish from Lone Wolf Bahn Mi

“Of course, Lone Wolf Banh Mi’s Curry Dish, available only during Fall/Winter is a spicy delicious way to find comfort in a lovely bowl of kicky goodness. The food truck that started it all continues to bring great tasting, healthy eating to Tulsa diners.”
Maurie Traylor 

hapa star dish

Star Ocean Roll at Hapa Japanese Cuisine

“My personal favorite? The Star Ocean Roll which boasts white fish, jalapeno, garlic cream cheese, cilantro and avocado. Topped with seared beef and salmon, torched in mayo and eel sauce, hot sauce, death mayo, pepper sauce, friend onion and fried jalapenos, this dish is both creamy and crunchy, sweet and savory.” – Maurie Traylor 


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