Baklava – Just Like Grandma Made It

By on October 22, 2010

One thing that blows my mind is to think back about my heritage. My genealogy is a true melting pot, as is a lot of people in the states. Throughout my life one of the cultures that has been the most evident is my Lebanese heritage. If you knew me you might never know that I am 25% Lebanese. I was lucky to grow up enjoying foods like grape leaves, hummus, kebbeh and of course baklava. We are so lucky to be able to find these delicious dishes all around Tulsa.

Muhanna Sweets might be the absolute best place to find baklava in Tulsa, if not Oklahoma. You may have never heard of Muhanna Sweets but have had baklava at various restaurants around Tulsa. There is a good chance that you still have had Muhanna Sweets, because they serve many restaurants around town and even ship to various locations around the country. When you first walk in to Muhanna Sweets it is immediately obvious that you have walked into a small baklava factory. There are tons of trays of baklava and other Middle Eastern sweets lining every counter-top and table.

My strategy is to always order more than you know you can handle, because if you didn’t know…baklava can be frozen to enjoy later! Anytime I eat baklava it reminds me of stories and memories of the past. I remember hearing stories about my great grandma and how she would be cooking filo dough all day in the kitchen and to flatten she would lay it out on every flat surface she could find in her house.

So why is Muhanna Sweets’ baklava some of the best you will ever try? First off, if you haven’t ever tried baklava – make this trip today, or soon! When you take that first bite it should be extra crispy, a little sticky sweet with a moist center of nuts and another more dense, buttery layer of crispy filo dough on the bottom. As if the initial crunch isn’t addictive enough, its one of those treats that has layers of delicious and distinctive experience and flavors that you cannot just stop at 1 or 2 or in our case the entire pan was gone in 1.5 days.

Muhanna Sweets is locally owned and has been making baklava since 1935. If you visit their website, you can read a little more about them and even order online! Or…I would recommend going to the store located near 71st and Sheridan. Right next to the new Marley’s Pizzeria.

Muhanna Sweets
6104 E. 71st St.
Tulsa, OK

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