Tres Leches Cake – Pancho Anaya

By on July 23, 2010

Tres Leches (Three Milk ) Cake has become a weakness in my life. I have tried many versions but my favorite is the first one that I tried several years back. None of that strawberry filling stuff, just great dense sweet cake and sweeter milk. It is the made by the folks at Pancho Anaya. They have several locations in Tulsa, but the one I usually find myself in is the one on 21st east of Garnett.

Very few cakes can compete with this dense cake that is soaked in a combination of three milks. This cake uses condensed, evaporated, and straight up milk that is poured over the cake. Others will make the cake moist, but this one is literally dripping with a layer of the three milk liquid on the bottom. It is sweet and has a thick super milk’ness. Then the cake is topped with a whipped cream and a couple marischino cherrys. All in a perfect single serving portion sold nice and cold, found in the fridge. The folks at Pancho Anaya are nice enough to give you a spoon which makes it really hard to wait until I get home to dive into it.

Now this is one of those places that English is rarely spoken and barely understood except if there is a young person around. It is my understanding that they are working on it, but this location didn’t take credit cards yet. So bring your cash. And yes, the cake isn’t the cheapest, hovering around 5 bucks, but man, it is good!

While you are there, check out the other items since this is a Mexican bakery. And to make the experience a little more enjoyable, here’s how it works there. When you enter you will see trays and tongs. Pick up a set and then start your wandering. This is due to the fact that they don’t package any items so you simply pick what you want up with the tongs and put it on your tray where the items will be sacked for you at checkout.

Mexicans seem to not like their pastry items as sweet as Americans so don’t expect those giant cookies to be very sweet. This was a big surprise on my first visit. But if sweet is your thing, the churros and the donuts do fall into that category. And these are some of the biggest donuts around. My other favorite is the giant crescent rolls that are filled with a little cream cheese and jalapeno.

Pancho Anaya, my gold standard for Tres Leches Cake.

Pancho Anaya Mexican Bakery
(21st & Garnett)
7942 East 21st Street
Tulsa, OK
(918) 622-0075

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