Teds Cafe Escondido: Great Service

By on June 19, 2009

It took me a long time to stop in at Ted’s Cafe Escondido in Broken Arrow because every time I went by it was packed; Now I know why.

First of all, the decor is very nice and clean. But the part that really stands out to me is the staff. I am so used to the typical non-expressive, never-learned-to-say-“thank you” kids waiting tables that the Cafe Escondido folks really jumped out.

After we were seated, nobody immediately showed up, but a girl working another table came over and said “I’m not your waitress but can I go ahead and get your drinks”? I was dumbfounded that someone in the service business actually got the concept of providing service!! Then our waitress showed up and the rest was flawless, just absolutely flawless.

So thinking I may have hit them on a good day, I took some other people on a seperate occasion. Well much to my pleasure, we got the same service just from different people. We also saw the same service throughout the restaurant, so I know we weren’t just getting lucky with the right staff person. In fact, I was so impressed that I considered talking to the manager to find out what the secret was to the service people looking like they were enjoying their jobs and actually providing outstanding service. I still should do that sometime.

So as you might guess, I highly recommend Ted’s Cafe Escondido in Broken Arrow.

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