Pink House Restaurant in Claremore…Elegant, but Hearty Food

By on January 20, 2011

I must admit, the name threw me off a bit. I mean Pink, are you kidding. I guess I was assuming dainty tea cups, women in funny hats and portions that couldn’t choke a horsefly.
But, to my euphoria (I like that word), not only was the food incredible but the portions were hearty and left me pleasantly full. I guess you shouldn’t judge a restaurant by its name, particularly when you’re licking the plate by meal’s end.

The Pink House is in a historic Victorian house that has been a landmark restaurant in Claremore for years. Its current owner, Margo Stewart, bought the place in 2007 and gave it her own personal touch with a style that’s both elegant and down to earth.

The restaurant is known for its incredible quiches and casseroles, sandwiches with thick sliced bread, salads, soups, and yummy desserts. Oh yea…and they have more gourmet loose leaf teas than you can shake a tea strainer at.

The day I went, I ordered the Spinach Bacon Quiche, Chicken Enchilada Casserole, a side salad and baked fudge. And, can I just say, BOOYAH!
The meal was absolutely fantastic.

The Chicken Enchilada was a steaming enchantment of chicken and creamy sauce, topped with gooey, melted cheddar Jack cheese. The quiche was a hearty portion of fresh eggs, smoked bacon and spinach that was light but satisfying. All the ingredients were at the peak of freshness and blended together beautifully for a terrific composition of flavors.

By the time I’d finished the baked fudge, I was in chocolate nirvana. The dish is their signature dessert—full of hot, ooey-gooey rich chocolate and topped with whipped cream. Can’t ask for a better ending than that.

I highly recommend the Pink House for lunch. It’s well worth the trip to Claremore and not what you might expect. Hours are from 11am-2pm, Monday thru Saturday, and high tea time is by appointment only. Although you can enjoy any of their gourmet teas anytime during lunch. They also have a gift shop and terrific catering service.
If you go to their website, you can see their soups of the day and even buy gift certificates from their online store. Also, be sure to enter their recipe contest …you may just get your dish published in their upcoming Pink House cookbook.

The Pink House
210 W. 4th Street
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 342-2544

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