Harden's Hamburgers – The Bob Burger

By on October 23, 2008

The day we went to Harden’s may have been the last beautiful spring like day in Tulsa.  After a walk around the Tulsa Zoo, we decided to get a good Burger. Many friends have told us that Harden’s is exactly that place for good burgers. Since we were in the area, we decided to drop in and try them out.

The lady behind the counter told us that this was the best place to get burgers in Tulsa. That was exciting. I just asked for the most popular burger on the menu, so she hooked me up with the Bob burger. It was good, the first few bites reminded me of In-n-out burger in California but then I start to taste the extra spices and flavors from the patty. It lit up my palate to great bliss.  The burger was really good.  The great experience extended even to their onion rings and fries. I would say that Harden’s is great place to take guests so remember this spot. Oh yeah, I hear the chill is really good too.

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432 S Sheridan Rd
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918) 834-2558
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– Brian McCullough

Brian McCullough

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