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    Aphrovegiac: Vegetarian Wine Dinners at the Vault

    I felt like I was going on a blind date. Bored with my familiar food routine, I looked to make some changes. I wanted to feel better, to look better. So I made a New Year’s intention to...

    • Posted March 1, 2015
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    People Behind the Plates: Tim Slavin

    People Behind the Plates is an ongoing Video Series highlighting the local talent behind the eateries we love.  Tim Slavin is a Tulsa native who graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s in Hotel and...

    • Posted February 27, 2015
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    Nourish Drink Cafe: Eating for life.

    The folks at Nourish Drink Cafe want to transform your mind. But they’ll be happy to convert your palate first. Recently having celebrated their one-year anniversary, Nourish is here to stay. And the best news?  With their...

    • Posted February 26, 2015
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    El Guapo’s: South of the Border Flavor in South Tulsa

    The newest Tulsa addition to the McNellie’s group comes via El Guapo’s Southside, a southtown iteration on Tulsa’s beloved downtown cantina. Located at 81st & Harvard in the Walnut Creek Shopping Center, El Guapo’s exterior is deceiving....

    • Posted February 19, 2015
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    The Parish at Hodges Bend: Approachable Excellence

    I’ve had my eye on the sleek black food truck parked outside Hodges Bend for some time now. If you have too, I encourage to you to put your curiosity to good use and grab a bite....

    • Posted February 18, 2015
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    Mardi Gras in Tulsa: Where to Eat on Fat Tuesday

    Mardi Gras is upon us! Grab your masks, your strings of beads, your hurricane cocktails, and your adventurous spirit, because Tulsa’s pulling out all the stops! Not sure how to celebrate? We recommend you do as they...

    • Posted February 16, 2015
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    Pho Nhi Brings New Vietnamese Tastes to Tulsa

    I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit down with Quan Do, the hardworking owner of Tulsa’s new Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Nhi. There is nothing I love more than meeting people from around the world,...

    • Posted February 10, 2015
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    Tackling Tulsa by the Slice: Tulsa’s Best Pizza

    Fancy yourself a pizza connoisseur? Think you know what’s what when it comes to Tulsa’s best pizza? Time to put your money where your mouth is, because these are our favorite local pizza joints around town, and...

    • Posted February 8, 2015
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    Valentine’s Day-Approved Tulsa Take Out Spots

    In case you misplaced your desk calendar, Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Maybe you’ve got big plans for a local dinner out with your one true love, and if you do, we hope you did your homework...

    • Posted February 7, 2015
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    Bohemian Pizzeria: Eating in the East Village

    My father grew up in the Bronx, and that meant I was born with a fixed and inalienable love for three things: the Yankees, the American dream, and pizza. Before I reached my teens, I had feasted...

    • Posted February 6, 2015
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    Date Night: Tulsa Valentine’s Day Specials

    Want to treat your hunnie to a nice Valentine’s Day dinner here in our lovely city? Wading through special menus, reservations and seated dinners can make picking a restaurant a little tricky — especially if you’re trying...

    • Posted February 3, 2015
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    Top 10: Our Favorite Tulsa Coffee Shops

    Ahhh, the coffee shop. A mecca for coffee-snobs, wide-eyed, sleep-deprived students, very important businesspeople, wobbly tables, and introspective artists. Filled with pungent smells—sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. At times, almost as satisfying as a finely brewed cup of java itself....

    • Posted January 30, 2015
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    Hero’s Subs & Burgers: a Tulsa Staple for 30 Years

    Sam Keesh is the owner of Hero’s Subs & Burgers with his wife and three sons. His casual eatery has been a North Tulsa landmark since 1984, but what makes it truly exceptional is his enormous heart....

    • Posted January 28, 2015
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    Life’s a Beach: Baja Jacks does California-Mexican

    I entered Baja Jacks, and was immediately met with vivid and cheerful colors in all directions. It was a welcome surprise on an extremely cold and dreadful winter day. The walls of Baja Jacks are adorned with decorative flip-flops, surfboards...

    • Posted January 23, 2015
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