The People Speak: The Top Three People’s Choice BBQ Houses in the 918

By on July 10, 2015


Earlier this month Tulsafood published a Best of BBQ in certain categories (People’s Choice, Best Undiscovered, Best Food Truck/Trailer, Best Local Chain, Best Old Timers, and Best Award Winning).

This article further highlights our three people’s choice winners this year: Burn Co, Mac’s, and Trails End.  But many votes were also deservedly received for undeniable quality Q of Oklahoma Style, Stutts, and Smokies in BA (among others).  But the votes are in and we have our top three for this year.  So, here is a deeper look at these BBQ houses that we are proud to have in the 918.


People’s Choice

Tulsans voted in an independent poll and these three are the people’s favorites: Burn Co, Mac’s, and Trails End


Burn Co.

Adam Myers and Robby Corcoran are the minds behind this concept that has developed the largest cult following of any BBQ house in the state. The duo is up and working by 4:30AM preparing to serve (what many believe to be) the city’s best ribs and house made sausages at lunch.


The bark that these guys put on their ribs is ridiculous and the open kitchen reveals the crew cooking these beauties on 12 Hasty-Bake grills set underneath an enormous vent hood in the center.


Adam and Robby are proud of every rack they send out – and rightly so. The crispy charcoal fired crust blends with the tender smokey meat that clings to the bone, just enough to give your teeth something to pull while your taste buds say “thank you.”


Burn Co. became well known at their former location across from TU on 11th for selling out of their ribs every day for lunch. But, what you may find surprising is how unbelievably great their house made sausages are. The jalepeno/cheddar, the lava link or the original bratwurst ($5-$6) are the careful and thoughtful creations of Craig who works as Burn Co’s full time butcher and master of sausage. One of the unique features of this BBQ house is its ability to purchase these links (and other house chops) from their meat market. (Sausages & Brats from 4.99/lb – 6.49/lb, Steaks from 12.99/lb – 24.99/lb, Brisket and Ribs for $5.99/lb and Boneless Pork Chops for $5.49/lb)

Burn Co.
1738 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 574-2777



Every day people drive past at least 14 different BBQ restaurants to get to Mac’s in Skiatook. They drive from Nowata.  They drive from Tulsa.  They drive from Owasso.  They drive from the city and they drive from the sticks. Why?  Maybe it’s their commitment to sourcing only the highest quality of beef and pork.  Maybe it’s the addicting flavor combination of the original rub and award winning sauce created by founder Mike McMillian back in the early 80’s.


Maybe it’s because Mac’s has always been family owned and operated so it feels more like sitting down to eat in a good friends home than simply grabbing a bite at a restaurant.  Maybe it’s just damn good and there’s no reason to over think it.


Mike McMillion has won his fair share of highly coveted competition titles with his technique and recipes including the American Royal and Jack Daniels Invitational.  Mac’s celebrates its 30 year anniversary this year.  30 years.  We suggest you get out there and experience what three decades of pure BBQ domination tastes like.


People talk a lot about Mac’s ribs – and that is well deserved.  But, the next time you are eating at this institution you need to try the Brisket Frito Chili Pie.  In our opinion it is the best in the area.  Owner operator Adam Green (son in law of Mike McMillion, pictured above with his family) is very generous with the brisket in this hearty concoction.  We were with a food critic a couple weeks ago who tried this for the first time and got out the words “Oh my God” before he had finished the first bite.  Seriously.


1030 W Rogers
Blvd Skiatook, OK



Trails End

If you live in Owasso, you know all about it. Trails End BBQ and Grill was founded in 1997 by a man named John Cash. There is little doubt that the people’s choice votes Trails End received is not only a result of consistent quality Q he pulls out of his Southern Pride smoker everyday, but also because of the endless contributions to the community that John has made over the years.


Those in the Owasso community have lost count of how many times John has fed (at his time and expense) so many people whether in celebration or grieving – ball teams, families who have lost loved ones, families in need around the holidays, community events, and the list goes on. Recently John was featured on Trisha Yearwood’s show on Food Network.  It couldn’t have happened to a more down-to-earth, generous dude.


We love John’s pulled pork sandwich and broccoli salad.  Here is our ritual, feel free to copy: (1) Order the pulled pork with a side broccoli salad and fried okra. (2) Ask for a side of the hot BBQ sauce. (3) When plate is delivered tell your server “thank you”, then eat a couple pieces of the fried okra. (4) Remove the top bun. (5) Dump the broccoli salad on the pulled pork. (6) Generously apply a 50/50 combination of the Trails End house mild and hot BBQ sauce. (7) Place the top bun back on the sandwich (8) Enjoy.


Finally, as far as dessert goes, John’s bread pudding should not be missed. Near perfect density, balanced sweetness,  and great presentation make this a delightful ending to a filling meal.

Trails End
8888 North Garnett Road
Owasso, OK 74055
(918) 272-7427

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