Linda-Mar Drive-In: A Tasty West Tulsa Tradition

By on March 22, 2010

Linda-Mar Drive-In has been a west Tulsa fixture since the early 1970’s with various members of the McCutchen family keeping the tradition alive. With a motto of “The Westside is the Best Side” I had to go with the Westside Cheese Burger that consists of double meat & cheese on Texas Toast. I was looking forward to this double double on a buttered texas toast and I was not disappointed. Although the texas toast was pretty substantial it worked since I had a double. The burger was seared nicely and the cheese, onions, pickles, and mustard went together wonderfully. While both the fries and onion rings are frozen, and the fries were just okay, I loved the onion rings.

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I love all types of burgers, all thicknesses, different cheeses, prefer mayo on top to pair with the cheese and sometimes mustard on bottom to enhance the meat. I normally go with an American or cheddar cheese but will sometimes completely blow the whole taste experience and go with a blue cheese (which I love). I prefer grilled or broiled for thicker burgers while the griddle works best for thin. Must have a good sear. If the burger is medium or thick then juiciness is a must which is partially determined by the fat content (minimum 80/20 blend) and the degree the meat is cooked. If the meat or restaurant is of high quality I will go with either medium or medium rare doneness. The bun must be fresh and prefer toasted but any type of bun works for me. I love onions on my burger (grilled or fried) but normally skip the lettuce and tomato (if I wanted a fricking salad I’d order one).

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Linda Mar Drive-In
1614 W 51st St
Tulsa, OK
(918) 446-6024

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