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By on May 12, 2014

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It turns out that Prhyme Steakhouse is a great destination in Tulsa to reconnect with dear friends over unforgettable food and top tier service.  It also turns out that Prhyme is more than “just” a steakhouse.  Dinner this particular evening was with local golf pro, Michael Boyd, and his lovely wife Jamie.

(Quick note – A few years ago I spontaneously and excitedly jumped off the earth when I watched Michael nail a shot guaranteeing him a place on the PGA tour.  High fives with friends and the whole thing.  Jamie teaches math and mothers three children.  Personal opinion- Jamie’s accomplishments trump the former, but both are pretty cool.)

Ok. This a lovely couple.  My date is adorable.  The kids are with sitters.  We are at Prhyme.  Let’s have a couple drinks, catch up on the year, and experiment with some dishes that we have not had at Prhyme yet.  Here are some thoughts on an incredible steakhouse in Tulsa that is more than just a steakhouse:

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We started at the bar with a cocktail each…and then fried escargot…then Michael kept on telling stories so we ordered the loaded pommes frites.  These two dishes, as well as the Prhyme burger and the entire bar menu, are half price at the bar every Monday and Tuesday.

The fried escargot are poached in white wine butter and buttermilk fried.  Lightly dip them into the herbed lemon aioli and you will enjoy one of the top bar “snacks” in the country.  Seriously.

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The pommes frites are topped with chicken confit, gruyere, bacon, sour cream and chives. We found ourselves enjoying Mike’s stories much more while sharing this dish.  Again, Seriously.

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After finishing the pommes frites the blonde and a brunette sitting beside Michael and I subtly and non-verbally informed us it was time to relocate from the bar to our table.  Once seated, we made a collaborative effort to order wine off an amazing list, and then dared to continue to order several non-steak dishes off of the “Prhyme: Downtown Steakhouse” menu.  Here are some highlights:

It’s tough to choose which salad to highlight off of this menu, but order the Prhyme Chop Salad and you will not be disappointed..  I love deconstructed salads.  The Prhyme Chop offers grape tomato, red onion, cucumber, bleu cheese, bacon, and egg with a red wine vinaigrette.  Even if you are just walking around in the Brady after 4pm and want a quick bite at the bar, step in a give this salad a try.

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There are two sides (accessories) to the meal that we all absolutely loved.

First, the asparagus with fried egg and gruyere.  Asparagus is perhaps the most overplayed vegetable in casual fine dining and fine dining restaurants across the country.  But Justin Thompson brings this green to life with this savory set up.

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Next, the sweet corn maque choux (a traditional cajun concoction you’ll find the next time your in Louisiana).  It’s so good we ordered one to go, no lie, so we could reheat and have it the next day.

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Michael went for the the lamb chops, and who can blame him?  The root/herb foundation in the risotto really gives great balance to the entire dish.  We liked how you can choose between 2 and 4 chops.

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And lastly – this dish is the most unexpected delight from a fine dining restaurant most known, obviously, for their cuts of beef.  Listen, I get it – why would anyone relatively sane order anything but a dry-aged ribeye or filet at one of Oklahoma’s best steakhouses?  Valid question.

There are only a handful of restaurants and chefs in Tulsa that offer a top shelf duck dish.  Their smoked duck breast dish is without a doubt one of them.  This is my official recommendation: If you are planning to dine at Prhyme and are dead set on eating one of their steaks (which is truly a good decision), then also plan to bring someone with you who will order this dish.  The duck breast is cold smoked then finished on the grill and sits, sliced, between a butternut squash puree and roasted root vegetable ribbons.

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Oh, one more thing:  The blonde in our group playfully demanded dessert and I’m thankful she was so adamant.  My dessert normally comes in liquid form (Balvenie 14 year, Caribbean cask please.  thank you.), but the next time you are Prhyme make sure someone at the table has the wisdom to order the chocolate midnight cake at the end of the meal.  The warm chocolate ganache is poured at the table over the (ice cold) ice cream that rests on a chocolate cake complemented with amaretto caramel and almonds.  The operating owner, T.C., was gracious enough to come to our table, speak to us and then pour the ganache goodness himself.  It’s a truly great presentation for a dessert that deserves to be devoured.  (You like that last line? I thought it up over a glass of Balvenie 14.)

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111 North Main Street.
Tulsa, OK 74103


Mon – Sat: 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm



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