Let Them Eat Pie!

By on January 22, 2016

Contributors : Jennah Jane, Stephanie Dees, Maurie Traylor, and Valerie Grant
If you’re like us here at TulsaFood and you’re a Tulsan with daily access to places like Antoinette’s, Hammett House, Merritt’s Bakery, Dilly Diner, and Queenie’s then every day has the potential to be “Pie Day”, however the official, nationally recognized day of the year is January 23rd. Here are some local options so you can celebrate National Pie Day T-Town style. We a have compiled a list of the best local eateries and bakeries to satisfy even the most intensely desirous sweet tooth!

Queenies Café located in Utica Square creates daily specials posted on their chalkboard. Queenies uses whole milk, eggs and other natural ingredients to make their pies from scratch. The Sour Cream Lime Tart is similar to Key Lime Pie. Complete with lime zest, the tart contains crumbling crust and smooth layers. Many times you’ll even find Heather, Queenie’s friendly manager, serving guests herself and chatting with regulars.


Merritt’s Bakery  has several convenient locations around town where they bake their deliciously fresh pies daily. Their Banana Cream Pie is filled with fresh bananas drenched in banana-flavored cream filling and topped with clouds of dense whipped cream. Merritt’s only offers whole pies for sale each day because they love you. Let us explain….they love you enough to know that it’s impossible to eat just one slice!



Celebrating pie is nothing new at Antoinette Baking Co. As perhaps the most creative bakery in Tulsa, their new location in the Brady Arts District is a perfect fit. The uncommon combinations of ingredients and techniques give each pie a creative spin that keep customers lining up (sometimes out the door) each week, especially on their pie nights. With new selections daily, it’s always fun to pop in for a slice of something you’ve never tried or take a whole pie home to the sweetheart to share.


Hammett House in Claremore, Oklahoma is where locals go to experience the ultimate decadent combination of quality and quantity in a homemade pie. With a menu boasting fourteen different pie selections made daily, it’s easy to find all your favorites! Owners Bill and Linda Biard continue to demonstrate why Hammett House has been a beloved dining destination since 1969.


Dilly Diner, located in the Blue Dome District, is the new short-order, farm to table concept developed by McNellies Group under the supervision of Chef Trevor Tack. They offer not only a quality “diner style” breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu but some of the most delicious pies in Tulsa prepared with sustainably grown ingredients. Additionally, Dilly Diner’s pastry chef, David Robuck, uses the Pate’ Brisee method to make his pie crusts. As opposed to the usual “3-2-1” pie crust preparation method the result is an incredibly flaky pie crust that would impress even my pie-champion grandmother.

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