Journey out to Lola’s Caravan on Route 66 Tulsa

By on May 23, 2012

I’ve heard many say they miss Lola’s that was located in the Brady District where the Tavern on Brady is located today. If you miss Lola’s or just want a great adventure, journey out to Route 66 and visit Lola’s Caravan. Actually its not much of a journey. Located just east of Peoria on 11th Street. You’ll have a hard time missing her shiny AirStream trailer where her culinary magic occurs. Seating is ample with multiple tables located around the AirStream.

I was wanting something light so I selected the Gypsy Caravan Tacos: Adobe Chicken, Cheese, Cilantro, Lime with Avocado. Two tacos were only $4 ($2 each) and Iced Tea $1. Perfect light lunch. Loved the freshness and flavors.

On this day the dinners were lucky to have entertainment from Gwens Kids (minus Gwen) consisting of Ken Ackley on guitar and David Horne on Piano. Gwens Kids also plays on Saturday night at 7pm at Shades of Brown (with Gwen).

Cash Only
Hours: 10:30am to 4pm

Lola’s Caravan
1347 East 11th Street
Tulsa, OK

Joe Price

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A burger consists of ground meat with a bun, condiments and toppings. From that the whole burger world is a journey.

I love all types of burgers, all thicknesses, different cheeses, prefer mayo on top to pair with the cheese and sometimes mustard on bottom to enhance the meat. I normally go with an american or cheddar cheese but will sometimes completely blow the whole taste experience and go with a blue cheese (which I love). I prefer grilled or broiled for thicker burgers while the griddle works best for thin. Must have a good sear. If the burger is medium or thick then juiciness is a must which is partially determined by the fat content (minimum 80/20 blend) and the degree the meat is cooked. If the meat or restaurant is of high quality I will go with either medium or medium rare doneness. The bun must be fresh and prefer toasted but any type of bun works for me. I love onions on my burger (grilled or fried) but normally skip the lettuce and tomato (if I wanted a fricking salad I’d order one).

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