The Weekly Feed: Local Food News July 10 – July 16

By on July 10, 2017

At the start of the week, we compile upcoming food highlights for you to consider as you plan out your drinking and dining schedule over the next few days. Here is the Weekly Feed for Monday, July 10th through Sunday, July 16th!

Ra-Mon-Day at JINYA

If you find yourself in the Blue Dome District on Monday evenings in July, this is a great time to pop into JINYA to enjoy specials such as $7 Ramen Bowls, $4 Crispy Chicken, and $4 Sake Carafes. This week’s featured special $7 Ra-Mon-Day bowls are the Spicy Chicken and Tonkotsu White.


Taco Tuesday

Tulsa is a taco town and their are no shortage of amazing places to get your fix. Each week we feature different places for you to try or revisit. So, if you don’t see your favorite place this week, don’t worry, you eventually will! Here are 2 Taco Tuesday destinations for you to consider this week:

1. Fuel 66 featuring Rub Truck. Rub’s owner and chef, Joel Bein, is always offering up non-traditional options that will leave you satisfied, knowing that you cannot get these original tacos anywhere else in town. For example, Rub will be offering a Jerked Jackfruit Taco that is not only deliciously vegan friendly on it’s own, but also a showstopper for any carnivore who want to add their favorite meat. The party starts at 5pm at 11th and Atlanta (just east of Lewis). Find more info about Fuel 66 here:

2. Mr Nice Guys at Guthrie Green. Arguably the most prolific taco truck to hit the streets in Tulsa, Mr. Nice Guys is rocking their new brick and mortar location at Guthrie Green with taco specials all day long. There’s nothing like a taco date picnic while takin’ it easy on the Green.


Andolini’s Daily Mega Slice

Monday-Friday for lunch, and Thursday-Saturday for dinner at any of the Andolini’s locations you can get a giant slice of their featured pie from 11am to 3pm for just 6 bucks. For descriptions of these pizza specials visit their site here. If Ando is not in your regular rotation for lunch, they should be. Here is their slice schedule for this week:

Monday – Philly
Tuesday – Florentine
Wednesday – Hoboken
Thursday Lunch – Burn Co., Thursday Night – Vesuvio
Friday – 3P, Friday Night – Greenwich
Saturday Night – Clemenza


Food Truck Wednesday 

Each Wednesday at Guthrie Green you’ll find a myriad of Tulsans downtown enjoying the weather, live music, and our city’s one -of-a-kind food truck culture. Take an extended lunch break and try something new this week as you are crossing over hump day.


Hodges Bend’s New Menu

This Tuesday, Hodges Bend will roll out an exciting new menu out of their new food truck and kitchen. Keep up to date through their Facebook Page and be one of the first in town to try their new dishes!

(photo: Hodges Bend FB page)


Thank you for taking a look at these highlights and for your desire to support and discover Tulsa eateries and/or bars. If you know of a locally owned establishment that you would like to recommend to be featured in the TulsaFood Weekly Feed, please send the information to


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